The Korean Car Industry Is Blossoming Beautifully in the World Market

There was a time when the automobile manufacturing giants came from Germany, the United States, and Japan. Japan in particular were creating the buzz back in the sixties, and then came surging back in the eighties. China as well is on the cusp of blowing the world over as it sets itself up for international sales starting 2020.

However, there is a third entity in the Asian motor market – South Korea. The land of the Morning Calm. It is not just known for its various boy and girl bands, but it has been taking over the car manufacturing, car design, and car retail scene since the 90s until today.

The Korean Car Industry Is Blossoming Beautifully in the World Market

This sudden change came as a shock when in 1987, the cars that South Korea were producing ugly, laughable, and plain bad when it comes to individual performance. To be fair though, it was still slowly recuperating after a triple trauma caused by the Japanese occupation, the Korean War, and the assassination of its President. In fact, it was very bad for the country that the Ulsan plant that Hyundai was using to produce cars had machine guns mounted on its walls.

Since then, the country has slowly improved and steadied itself enough to make themselves better. In return, companies coming from its mainland has slowly progressed and improved in what they are producing.

Hyundai-Kia is one of those companies that benefitted from the recuperation that the country went through. They slowly progressed until they became one of the top-five car manufacturing companies across the globe.

They have also reached out overseas because they have run out of space within their locality to produce the vehicles they want.

At the moment, they overtook Renault-Nissan for 3rd. The only ones above it are Toyota-Lexus and Volkswagen.

Since the turn of the century, cars coming from Korea have been described as handsome, highly reliable, highly capable, credible, and very confident of itself.
However, Hyundai-Kia is not the only automobile companies making a mark in the industry. Genesis is slowly improving itself to rival Jaguar, while another brand is looking to compete with the Land Rover.

In spite the many accolades and praises, it was not until this year that the country can confidently say that they are one of the giants in the car industry. To prove this, they even summoned the judges responsible for the World Car Awards/World Car of the Year to test out what they have in the pipeline for the international scene.

Other did question why wait until now to launch worldwide. Hyundai-Kia answered that it took them this long to develop the products needed by the international market. They did not rush, and it will pay off considering that they may now equal or even better Japan, Germany, and Britain, including the weaker Americans.

The Korean Car Industry Is Blossoming Beautifully in the World Market

Along with those mentioned, Korea maybe the frontrunner to receive accolades during the World Car Awards and know that other countries know this too.
The awards ceremony is set to be held on the 17th of April.