How to make a car last longer?

When you are investing your hard-earned money to buy a car, it becomes necessary to know how to make it last longer. You can’t have control on the costs such as that of the fuel, insurance, and repairs but you can definitely maintain its value to keep it running great as well as increase its resale value. Here are the ways you need to follow:

1. Car filters need to be changed regularly to let the car breathe easier, and hence enhance the engine’s longevity. A clogged air filter leads to the poor performance of an engine, which reduces the fuel economy, and harms the engine over the long term.

2. Maintaining proper coolant level in the car’s cooling system can save a lot of money in repairs. If the pressure is not maintained properly in the car, it can negatively affect the tires as well as the fuel economy and cause safety issues.

3. Good driving habits are necessary to enhance the life of your car as well as the fuel. This will save it from wear and tear. For example habits such as fast take off and quick stopping can affect your car’s engine, bikes a negative way.

The friction between the tightly packed engine parts increases if the driving is started immediately after startup, so an idle time of 30-60 seconds is needed before starting to let the oil rise up to the temperature and flow to the engine. This enhances the engine’s lifespan.

4. Cleaning the car on a regular basis, even during the winter, maintains its new look as well as increases its longevity by removing the contaminants which lead to corrosion. Painting it protects the exterior body panels.

When there is salty content on the road, it becomes important to wash it even during the winters as it can create holes on the metallic parts at the lower portion of the car. This is especially important in the colder countries where salt is present in the rods to prevent the pavement from being covered with ice.

5. You should buy gas at reputed service stations only to avoid getting your car filled with dirty gasoline. If you find a tanker filling the underground tanks at a local gas station, then the sediment would be stirred because of turbulence which can clog the fuel filters and fuel injectors of your car.

6. It is a good habit to keep a note of the gas fill-ups and mileage and refer it to the servicemen when there is a worsening of the mileage as it can be an early sign of something wrong.

7. The exterior painting is the front line defense against rust. So, it should be protected by parking it in the shade because the sun’s UV light causes it to fade

8. The leather seats of the car are durable enough not to get soiled easily. They can be additionally protected by using a leather cleaner. Conditioner can be used for keeping the leather supple.