Why Not Own a Fuel Saving Hybrid Vehicle?

If you are thinking that a lot of Hollywood stars are driving hybrid cars today, you should first consider the pros and cons before purchasing one. Hybrid vehicles are not for everyone even if you are the most environment-conscious individual living in the planet today.

Hybrid cars are sold since 1990 and a lot of vehicles seems to be made up of Toyota Prius – the most common used hybrid car – today. Many people have several reasons in wanting to get a hybrid car. It saves mother earth, it is about feeling environment-friendly, can save more on fuel, and your neighbor has it. If you want one, here are some suggestions that you might want to consider before running to the nearest Toyota store.
Hybrid cars cost several thousand dollars more compared to gasoline-only cars. Much of your money goes into the costs of running modern and gas saving high technology that can be found only in hybrids. Although a lot of states offer tax credits to make your initial payment lower, some of the popular brands have already reached their tax credits a year or so ago. Some examples are a Toyota Camry costs $21, 950 and the hybrid version costs $25, 900. The Honda Civic Fusion Sedan costs $15,955 and the hybrid version costs $24,200. You might think that you can recoup your losses by saving gasoline in the long run but there’s more news for you.

You might want to consider how long will it take in order for you to recover your expenses after buying a new car. When oil and gas prices soar in 2008, a lot of people tracked and made a list of the possible money they will be paying for the next 10 years. A Toyota Camry can cover that cost since it will partly use electricity in the long run. However, in extreme cases, if you “happen” to purchase a Lexus LS 600h L, it would take more than a hundred years before you will be able to recoup the money that you spent on the new car. Lexus are high-end card that can give you alerts whenever it is time for maintenance and offers better steering. And most hybrid cars can do just that. You also have to set a price that you can pay in 4 or 5 years and consider the interests that you can earn if you invest that money in bonds and mutual funds. A 6 figure car price is not worth it.
You also have to consider going for cars that are diesel-powered. Diesel has a reputation of being smelly, dark and oily. But that can be consider as an old idea. There are new technologies being engineered such as the Mercedes-Benz Blue Tec system that can make diesel more powerful than gasoline and smell much cleaner too.
You have to consider the place where you commute every day. If you often encounter traffic, hybrid cars are more efficient. They can run on electric power when cars around you are at a snail’s pace. Electric motor runs at 40mph and you don’t need any gasoline at all.
For long highways or if you live 200 miles from where you work, a gasoline-powered car far outperformed their hybrid counterparts. If your car is running at a highway, it will just spend around 41 miles per gallon on fuel.
You also consider saving trees and whales from smog. If that’s the case, you have to remember that hybrid cars still use internal combustion. They are still dependent on fuel. And the batteries are made from cobalt and lithium. Before buying a car, ask first a series of experts that can guide you on what is best for you.