Most popular family SUVs

If you are thinking about buying an SUV then good choice. There’s space for the whole family.
A good choice is the 2015 Sorento it has three rows of seats a huge boot and a low sill which makes loading stuff an easy task. Even better the Sorento has a five-star safety rating and low fuel consumption.

Jeep Cherokee trailhawk
This SUV is a good car for all off-road adventures, but it also works on the streets as well.
It is full of room, leather trim and touch screen media center. The Jeep Cherokee is easy to drive has tinted glass and roof rails along with some impressive 17-inch wheels.

The Land rover discovery sport
This SUV has a smart interior and can easily transport seven people to where they want to go. It is made with the top materials both inside and out and bears its own character. This car is comfortable and easy to navigate with a ton of safety features. The Discovery sport still has the feel on the terrain capabilities for what it is well known for.

The Jeep renegades
This car has both the style and design of a small sports car packed into the small styled SUV. A range of colors to choose from. Although this is a small version of the car it still packs plenty of seat room and leg room. This car is good for kids and even has some little storage ideas for kids to keep their things in instead of all over the floor.  This car will give you the trendy look that will have the kids asking you to drop them off out the front to show off the new car.

The Volvo xc90
This car packs it all very neat and tidy car that has a contemporary interior.
A beautiful soft leather with wood finishes. This seven-seater has chairs that can be put away when you need the extra room. This brand of car is Volvos most popular and profitable cars that offers the ability to get you there safely. There is comfort found in the seats that suits the family to the business man.

KBB Best Family Vehicle

The Mazda CX-3
This is a car that is a small SUV. It has a spacious boot and one of the best stylish exteriors.
It’s a coupe like car that has the sporty look but gives off the high drivers view of the road.
The latest equipment is installed and with fuel economy it is a good choice for those for like to travel a lot.

There are so many types of SUV and pretty much every car brand offers at least one type of SUV.
There are types that are more designed for off-road use and those for driving around your local area.
It is up to you to decide which suits your needs and family situation this way you are ensuring the car you buy will be everything you want and need in a car.