A Preview: Shanghai Auto Show

Motor shows are a chance for automobile companies to present its recent creations to the public. However, when it is done in a specific place, it normally ends up as an opportunity for a country to showcase what their own car industry has to offer.

This is what the Shanghai Auto Show is looking forward to do with recent launches being able to rival those held in Geneva, Paris, and Tokyo.

Currently, Chinese car makers have leaned towards all-electric motoring. So, it is expected that many zero emission and electrified vehicles will be on display.
Here are the ones which are expected to attend.

A Preview: Shanghai Auto Show


Audi will not be bringing in a car to the auto show. It will not even bring in photos or renders of a car that is ready for production. Instead, the car company will be bringing with it a sketch of a concept made specifically for the auto show in Shanghai. It is called AI:me.

According to Audi, they are currently detailing a compact autonomous car that is designed to roam the streets of the megacities of tomorrow.


According to reports, Bentley is going packing their show stand in Shanghai this year in light of its 100th anniversary.

Plans surfaced that among the cars they will bring includes the limited edition Mulsanne W.O. Edition, the new Bentayga Hybrid, the third generation of the GT models, and the very car that the found and owner of the company once had – a 1930 Bentley 8-liter.

This is so that they could push for their products harder than they ever did before.


BMW will be bringing their new take on their SUV lineup which they will hope will rival some of its strongest competition.

Reports had it that they will be bringing their X3M SUV and its mechanically identical twin, the X4M coupe-SUV. Both will feature 3.0-liter straight-six petrol engine capable of generating up to 476nhp and 506bhp, respectively. It also has an all-wheel drive and a multiple chassis bracing.

The revamped 3 Series will also make its debut in Shanghai which was built specifically with the Chinese market in mind. It has improved rear seat legroom, a panoramic glass roof, and the brand’s personal assistant.


The company will be bringing its version of an SUV into the auto show which is set to rival the BMW’s X1.

The GLB is a combination of Mercedes’ A-Class and B-Class hatchback. The difference is, it is built with a squared-off two-box body shell. This gives it a taller ride height with rugged plastic exterior.

A Preview: Shanghai Auto Show


Essentially, Mitsubishi is only bringing a re-skin of their Engelberg Tourer. Renamed as E-Yi, it was designed to fit Shanghai’s way of life. It is powered by a combination of the 2.4-liter four-cylinder petrol and electric motor. This gives you a total of over 400 miles to cruise around, 43 miles coming from the electric engine.


The Renault K-ZE will make its debut, and it was designed and made in China. Able to reach 155 miles, it is set to be the competition for Honda’s e Prototype. It will first be available in China before it gets introduced across the globe.

The Shanghai Auto Show is set to unveil many exciting car models and companies. Although, these are just a few of them, you can bet your money that more are yet to come.