Reasons to buy a used Land Rover

In buying a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), many things have to be taken into consideration. Purpose of acquiring one, the ideal brand, durability, depreciation value, availability of spare parts are factors to be considered. A Land Rover is a Sport Utility vehicle that ticks the right boxes when considering these factors. It is up to the buyer to acquire a new or used one. However we’ll be looking at reasons why one should buy a used Land Rover.


A new Land Rover is all good and nice but its cost could be quite stringent on the buyer. Therefore, a viable alternative is looking to buy a used one which would equally serve the same purpose of a new one.


Land Rovers are known to be a multipurpose vehicle. They are heavy duty vehicles that can convey huge amount of loads for a long time over long distances. Their ruggedness gives them the ability to maneuver any off-road terrain such as mud, clay and what have you. A used Land Rover also offers almost equal safety precautions as s new one. The meticulous screening of used cars mean a buyer will likely not miss out on any additional benefits. This also saves the buyer a lot of money despite enjoying equal benefits of a new Land Rover.



A new vehicle begins to depreciate the moment it leaves the dealer’s shop. It is known that after a vehicle’s initial two years, its value reduces by thirty percent. This is the reason why you can buy a 2008 Maserati for the price of a 2015 Honda. A used Land Rover will also undergo depreciation but you will avoid losing money a lot less faster. Also, the huge initial hit that the former owner took will be avoided.


Not just Land Rovers but most new cars in general are subjected to disheartening sales tax. Some state law subject new cars to sales tax but don’t do the same to used cars. The new car dealer is therefore forced to add this in charge in the total cost of the new Land Rover. This is as a result of the dealer trying to avoid being at a loss. The fee could cost thousands of dollars depending on each state’s tax law.


In many states, the annual registration fee rate is based on the car’s value and model year. In some states, the registration fee of a new Land Rover is very high especially in its first two years. A buyer can save thousands of dollars by avoiding acquiring a new one and going for a used one instead.


Dealers tend to immerse exorbitant charges on buyers of a newly manufactured Land Rover. They include fees such as destination fees, dealer preparation fees and what have you. This always have a huge negative effect on the bank account of purchasers. A person buying a used Land Rover will only deal with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) where only title, tag and registration fees are charged.