Save Money and Learn The Signs Of Engine Trouble

Early signs of engine trouble, do you know a whole lot about it? For example your standing in traffic when your car stops at a red light, there is a whirring sound, what is it, where does it come from? These questions arise and you overcome it believing it is the other car that appears as a clunker or maybe it is your car air conditioner.

Remember any smell, sound or weird feeling while driving should not be ignored. If you ignore this, in the middle of the road you will get a panic attack and possibly end up spending lots of pointles money on things you don’t need to fix. Here are some of the scariest engine trouble signs that require attention.

Lamp signals various issues
Warning lights
Check Engine lamp signals various issues

The lights are really important. The lights are connected to sensors that they monitor everything that your car does. If something is wrong, the computer uses the lights to inform you what is wrong. Pay utmost attention to lights that indicate:
Oil level low/check oil
Oil pressure low
Check engine

The “Check Engine” lamp is the troubling of lights as it means different things. Right from the fact that you failed to screw the gas cap tightly to look out for flying pistons through the hook is indicated by the light. The simplest way of finding out that the light is telling you are by hooking a scan tool to your vehicle. This tool is a communication port, appears like some oversized calculator and it performs a scan on your instruction. It finds that prompts the turning on of your car light. Now, you cannot crawl under the hood. Thus, buy your own tool for less than $100 or visit a service station that has the scan tool to help identifying the trouble.

Experiencing the Jerks
You may go side to side, your knees may open and close and a little jerk is acceptable. The driving should be free of surging, jerking, or stalling. It should be easy and smooth. In case you find your car is locking and popping, it is a strong indication of engine trouble. This may be due to clogged fuel filter or fuel lines, fouled spark plugs or even the reading of the computer may be wrong or some other issue.

Taking its sweet time to accelerate or give out on a busy highway may hinder the vehicles behind you. Even acceleration going out of control or revving at idle means you need a technician to repair and investigate. There is a need for regular oil changes, preventive maintenance, and belt replacements at intervals to stay away from danger zone.

Rude Noises
Little noise is normal from under the hood. Popping or tapping sounds indicates trouble with engine cylinders. Any grinding noise while starting the car informs the starter motor can be replaced or adjusted. There is a need to listen intently and to track the noise if it is coming from the general area by getting it checked with a qualified service professional.