What to do when you see an emergency vehicle

It can be scary when you hear the sound of the emergency sirens that come up behind you. Sometimes they appear suddenly there, and you may not know what to do in this situation. You are not alone plenty of people don’t actually know what they are supposed to do. The emergency vehicles are trying to get through the traffic quickly and safely and it is your job to assist in this with your vehicle.

You must always be on the lookout for emergency vehicles that may come up fast behind you hence why you should keep your radio to a minimum so you can hear what is happening around you. Sometimes it can be minutes that the ambulances have to get to the scene to try and save someone’s life, so you don’t want to be blocking the way and holding them up. People sometimes panic when they see emergency vehicles behind them and they tend to wither put themselves in danger or others while trying to make a clear path for the emergency crew to get through.

Here is a list of how you can help in the situation of getting the emergency cars through safely as well as looking after your safety to.

  • If you come across a car accident and your passing through be sure if it is safe to do so you give a wide berth as you go on by. Always be alert and drive by slowing as people who are scared, and panicking can run out in front of you.
  • Sometimes you can hear the sirens but cannot see anything yet so if there is a park or somewhere safe to pull over do it then so if they do approach your safely out of the way.
  • If there are emergency vehicles behind you look for the safe place to pull over so thecrew can pass safely do not just stop in the middle of the road and be sure to indicate so other confused and stressed drivers are alert to what you are doing.
  • Don’t stop of bends and verges this is unsafe as it can hide hazards from the emergency vehicles and put people walking on the pathways at risk also.
  • When you pull over or change lanes to allow emergency vehicles through be sure to double check your mirrors before moving back to where you were in case there are other emergency vehicles approaching behind.
  • Don’t speed up when you see the emergency crews, run a red light or try to outrun the crew this is illegal and will do nothing but cause accidents, confusion to others as to what you are doing.

Remember if it is the police sirens behind you don’t just assume they are going past they may be wanting you to pull over so be sure to keep an eye in your rearview mirror for the police signaling you to pull over.Importantly stay calm and do what you can safely to allow the emergency crews get where they need to be safely.