Simple Car Hacks For Yor Next Road Trip

Sometimes there is a necessity to get away for a week or weekend. Planning a trip is a big deal, but again this suffers due to lack of time. In fact, it is the easiest to jump in a car and get going. There are a ton of tricks and tips that can be considered in the road tripping and these are guaranteed to make the best next trip.

Use your cars sun visor to hang an iPad for a makeshift TV monitor
Having an iPad helps in being a perfect hack to keep your phone meeting your eye level. This literally takes a few seconds and is less frustrating as you need not take your eyes from the road.

Use cling wrap to avoid mid-drive spillage as a makeshift lid
Creating a cup holder using an old container is perfect. You may remove the insole and glue textured side to the top. It is ideal for emergency cash to keep or anything that can sit. You can use silicone liners in the cup so that cleaning is not a problem. If you also consider having something to drink, you can push the glass in this holder and use a cling wrap and avoid spillage using this as makeshift lid.

Use Newspaper to clean the car windows and windshields
Did you ever think newspaper can be useful? Yes, it is true, newspapers clean the windows of the car perfectly and also the windshields. So, while going out, take few newspapers for the foggy windows or also use it to clean the mirrors at home.

Do carry an inflatable pool raft
There is a need at times to consider sleeping in your car and if so the inflatable pool raft is the right choice offering the desired comfort.

Use empty bottles into snack containers
You may turn your empty coffee creamer bottles at home into snack containers. The advantage is they are spill-proof and you can have it stored in your car for a longer time.

More ports more convenience
You may buy a car charger of five-port so that the device of everyone is powered up in the car. This keeps everyone happy and engaged.

Makeshift car hammock for your pet
Big or small dog, one or two dogs, there is a need for a car hammock. It is a lifesaver and will make a comfortable place to rest, and you can save from scratches the interior and potential accidents.

Clean the interior with a vacuum and baking soda
It will be a mess to see the car each time after a road trip. It is best to wait and clear everything, then consider vacuuming twice and using baking soda.

Cool your car in few minutes without the AC
Keeping your car parking on hot days makes it equal to an oven. Now, you can instantly, open and close the side doors five to six times and roll the windows down. The cool air from outside enters the house.