Smart Features To Look For In Cars

Technology is without a doubt an amazing thing. This is because it has made it possible for the existence of things that not long ago were nothing more than theoretical ideas on paper. Through these technological innovations, cars have come quite the long way. In fact, we are living in times when self-driving cars are starting to come up and it’s exciting to watch.

Gadgets such as phones and computers are getting smarter and cars are not remaining far behind. This is clear in some of the smart features that can be found in the newer models of vehicles being manufactured for use.

Some of the most impressive smart features that you will come across when buying cars include:

Augmented reality display

This feature allows the driver to see information such as how fast they are driving on their windscreen. The driver will also be able to see their navigation details and in case they connect their phone, they will also see who is calling them on that same screen. Some cars have been fitted with cameras that make it possible for drivers to see all the way around their cars. This is meant to improve the driver’s view and prevent accidents.

Intuitive sensors

These sensors can actually tell when you are too tired to drive based on your movements. This may sound surreal but German manufacturers like Mercedes Benz and BMW have incorporated this feature in their vehicles to alert you to pull over in case there is a change in how you normally drive.

Smartphone integration

This feature was developed to minimize the number of accidents caused by drivers that use their phones while on the road. It allows the driver to access their phones from the dashboard screen easily. This works well with most types of phone OS so you don’t need to multitask and risk lives, yours included.

Voice recognition

This has been implemented by many car manufacturers including Audi, Fiat, and Chrysler. The feature allows you give commands to the car and find information such as directions and useful places such as gas stations and eat out places. Using this technology, you can have you know exactly where you are through its GPS and find other places more easily.

Automatic brakes and collision sensors

In today’s car makes, you can have the car sense when you get too close to an accident and give you some form of alert. With the Honda Accord, there will be vibration in your seat or steering wheel when it senses that you are on the verge of hitting something. A Subaru Outback will brake automatically to prevent the accident.

Not long ago, simple ideas such as child-locked doors and improved night vision were not found in vehicles as they are currently. As we continue to advance in terms of technology, more advanced features are coming up to help keep road users safe and reduce the number of fatalities coming from road accidents. With the reality of self-driving cars, the automobile industry is one to keenly watch for disruptive technological innovations.