Sports Car Features Cops Don’t Like Very Much

The new and improved automotive technology can be seen mostly in racing cars. Though most drivers do not get a chance to get on a competition-spec race car or a race track, even an average car buyer gets the opportunity to buy a street-legal range of sports cars.

Today, sports cars are highly complex machines presenting a combination of advanced tech of computers with complicated mechanical components. The basic element that makes a sports car really desirable is unchanged even today that a sports car must handle well, should be powerful, and is expected to look good.

The most advanced sports cars in the world can surpass the actual competition racers with technological advances. But, one thing that sets it apart is the millions of dollars, meaning that only the richest in the world can get a chance drive these cars. However, the everyday sports cars are in the second-hand market and it can be bought.

The fact cannot be denied that with constant engineering advances, the used sports cars are not really fast similar to the new ones. There are aftermarket modifications offered by an entire industry emerging to allow the sports car owners to strengthen the handling, power, and cars style. However, not everything that is sold online is legal to add as it moves on the streets of the city. Here are some illegal sports cars that can get you away easily, even from the cops.

Long Tube Headers
Sports car drivers are ready to invest heavily on the headers so that it performs well. The headers in an exhaust system are a crucial aspect that can choke causing trouble to the engine. The headers also have a role in the micropulses flow of gas that leaves the exhaust valves. The longer tubes smooth out the process, but legally are bounded by restrictions such as catalytic converters and mufflers, that calibrate from the cylinder taking account of the traveled distance.

License Plate Covers
Serious road racers wishing to escape high pursuit police offers especially on Friday nights is common. More than that, running away from the cops is useless if the cops know your home address. They will type the license plate and reach your home the next day.

Some aggressive road drivers have included operable license plate covers that allow activating electrically from within the car. Undoubtedly, the cops may not find this pleasing as a driver is evading the law officers intentionally with the operable license plate.

Racing Slicks
Almost all sports car drivers are aware that the best investment is the good tires that offer best performance, right from braking and handling. But for the aerodynamic drag, the design and engineering of a sports car come down to show the surface grip that the tires features with the ground. The tire companies give importance to tires to perform in varying conditions, yet the racking slicks that are fascinating for track days are illegal for street use as even moisture or oil with slightest patch results in traction loss.