Tell-Tale Signs That Your Car Needs Repair

Part of owning a car is taking good care of it. As with the human body, constant coughs or headaches can be construed as a sign of an oncoming illness and therefore a visit to the physician should be scheduled. This also applies to a car; anything out of the norm should be taken to the repairs shop for diagnosis. Some of the early warning signs that should prompt you to go to the mechanic include:

Unusual noises

These can be different depending on where they are coming from.

  • Metallic grinding sounds when you come to a stop could be a sign of a worn out break pad.
  • Rough uneven engine noise in the engine means it could be clogged or the combustion flow is faulty and needs checking out. This could also be a sign of wear in the spark plugs.
  • Squealing tires as you drive could point to poorly aligned wheels.
  • A noisy exhaust may mean there could be a hole in your exhaust; this is especially if the noise is way above usual.
  • A high pitched squeal when the ignition is turned could be as a result of a loose belt which can lead to battery problems. This also goes for any unusual metal grinding on metal noise

Leaks under the car

  • Liquid pooling under your car that is not necessarily slimy like fuel may mean your break pad is leaking and needs fixing.
  • Gasoline spots under your car is assign of fuel leaking which can be very dangerous and should be checked immediately.
  • Green liquid leaking from the engine shows the radiator coolant is leaking and can cause overheating in the engine. Leaking coolant can also be poisonous to pets

Excessive vibrations

  • If your car vibrates more than normal your wheels may be poorly aligned. Vibrations while braking or the brake pedal pulsating can be a sign of warped rotors especially in braking situations where anti-lock brakes are not engaged.
  • A problem with the steering wheel or suspension can also cause vibrations

Lights come on

  • The yellow check engine light comes on when a fault has been detected in the engine
  • The service light comes on to show the driver they need to change their oil and filters and could also apply to other fluid components. This light is found on a lot of cars and calculates the miles covered before warning the driver. 

Smoke coming from the bonnet

This is a sign of an overheating engine or problems with the radiator. You should let the car drop to normal temperature by the temperature gauge before driving on.

Blue smoke is a sign of burning oil and should be checked out urgently without driving the car any further; tow services should be engaged.


Sudden stalling even when in the right gear is a clear problem with the engine that should be checked out. Clogged fuel filters or worn spark plugs can also cause stalling.

Excessive smoke from the exhaust pipe

  • Excess dark clouds of smoke are an indication of a possible oil leak, build up or blockage. This can also be pointed to by black residue on the rear bumper.

Other indications of trouble in your car include the car pulling to one side while driving is an indication of poorly aligned wheels. This can also be possible when the steering wheel is crooked steering even when driving straight or squealing tires may also be a sign of poorly aligned wheels. A car emitting foul odours may be a sign of failure in combustion flow.

Being constantly on the look-out for anything out of normal will save you from unnecessary costs arising from repairs.