Things a car owner must know!

No matter which car you own, it is necessary to maintain it in the right way. Developing good maintenance habits reduces the cost you need to incur in the long run. Here are certain things which every car owner must know:

1. The carbon build-ups which remain untreated has the potential to cause misfires, decrease performance and need a lot of effort to be cleaned. So it is important to reduce the build-up of carbon gunk in the engine by allowing it to reach the redline after a few hundred miles. This should never be done until the engine is completely warmed up and you are in some safe open parking space or freeway. Though this will cause some gas to be wasted, this will enhance the engine’s longevity.

Whenever any parts have to be replaced, never use cheaper parts as this will damage the car in the long run

2. If rainwater leaks through the weather stripping, it should be changed by purchasing a product that matches the car’s original weather-stripping.

3. You should never let the engine idle in the driveway because incomplete fuel combustion will occur as the engine doesn’t operate at its peak temperature, resulting in the deposition of soot in the cylinder walls, oil contamination. This will finally damage the components.

It is necessary to shift to neutral at red lights as this will put less strain on the engine and automatic transmission will occur. If this is not done, the engine will keep on trying to push the car even while it stopped.

4. The power steering of a car gets damaged if it is held in extreme left or extreme right position for more than some seconds. It is necessary to consolidate the short driving trips because of the wear and tear happens during the initial few minutes of driving. The engine remains healthy if a number of small errands are done at once in the lower traffic hours.

5. It is necessary to avoid carrying a number of keys with the ignition key as it can wear out the tumblers inside the ignition and cause the ignition switch to fail. While turning on the car,  if the ignition key sticks then it indicates that the ignition switch is about to fail and must be replaced to avoid a situation of getting stranded.

6. The wheel splash guard usually tears off easily and go unnoticed. So it is necessary to check them regularly while washing, as they play a vital role in protecting the sensitive electrical components in the car from water and salty slush in winter. They should be re-secured with fasteners and replacement has to be done as per the requirement.

7. If the cap of the tire valve is missing then a leaky valve may lead to a flat tire at an unexpected time. This is because the cap is responsible for keeping away dirt and moisture which usually leads to leaks. It is also necessary to put new valves while replacing the tires.