Top 10 Tips to Take Care of Your Car

Car maintenance is extremely important if you want your car to last you a very long time. There are many things that you can do to maintain your car so that it can last much longer than it usually would. Regular fluid checks and lubrication, cleaning and washing will keep your car running and going strong. You should also keep in mind that the kind of oil, parts, fluids, grease etc. matters just as much as the maintenance. But keep in mind that no oil changes can save your car if you never use it. You should make sure that you also take good care of materials, leather, fabric, plastic and everything else.

In case you are still not sure how to maintain your car, here are ten tips to keep your car going strong for many years.
1.Check and change the oil. This will save your engine more than anything else, those regular oil and filter changes. Nothing will also destroy your car and engine faster than failing to change the oil. Also, make sure that it is a high quality oil and not some cheap one – this is another way to save your car.
2.Flush your cooling system and change your coolant. This should happen at least once a year. You should use a mix that is part coolant part distilled water which will help keep your system in a good shape prevent corrosion and build-up in your system. This is one of the best things you can do to maintain your car’s shape.
3.Change the transmission and differential oils. This doesn’t need to be done frequently, just according to what your car needs and what is written on the manual but it is still a requirement. Always use brands that are recommended and types and kinds that suit your car.
4.Keep your vehicle clean. Not only is it a good idea to frequently clean your car inside and outside, it’s also a good idea to clean it from underside so that you can get rid of all of that mud, build-up and everything else that might get stuck down there.
5. Everything needs to be greased in order to work properly. Grease all of the parts that need to be greased to be functioning properly for a lot of time.

6. Wax your car. Your paint will look amazing and new because the wax will protect it from everything that can harm it. Apply wax twice a year and make sure that it is a quality wax that suits your car. 
 7. Lubricate the joints on your car – this is very important as your car needs it to run properly. You may have to remove the driveline to access the grease fitting.
8. You should protect the inside of your car by trying to park it in shade as much as you can as the sun will damage the plastic. Use a deflector screen or protective chemicals to prevent the materials from getting destroyed or weak.
 9. Inspect wheel bearings and clean them with grease the way your instruction manual tells you. These are inexpensive to replace but you should take care of them so that you can stay safe on the road and to prevent any costs, even the small ones.
10. Make sure that you also replace brake fluid often so that it doesn’t attract too much water and cause corrosion and component failure. Replace this fluid once a year, it’s cheap and parts are expensive.