Top Selling Car Models Of 2018

With the year 2018 behind us , let’s take a look at those top cars that were bought the most by Americans. In a massive earning of over  17 million just in sales. The numbers shockingly were comprised mostly of SUVs and trucks with most sedans and hatchbacks declining.

Toyota RAV4
Having a whooping sale of 427,170 units in the year 2018, it was a non pickup truck that was specially designed for buyers who wanted a car with most benefits of a SUV, such as increased booth room, full time four wheel drive, easy manoeuvrability, fuel economic and high level of visibility. It was able to top the ranks of 2018 and would be expected to do more in 2019 as a new, enhanced model is expected to be released next year.

Nissan Rogue
The huge success of the Nissan Rogue need to be highlighted as it was able sell 412,110 units of its cars in 2018. With two different models Subcompact Rogue and Compact Rogue sold the most in 2018, it has been able to achieve these sales combined. It is currently the best selling Nissan car in the United States because of its stylish interior, 7 passenger seating, standard 4-wheel independent suspension that gives its passengers a smooth ride and an anti-lock braking system.

Toyota Camry
The Camry, one of the great brands of the Toyota has tried to put in a great effort in maintaining its position among the top selling cars with its dependability and its ability to provide the driver huge comfort. Recording about 343,439 units sold, the newest Toyota Camry added a sporty interior and finer styling to their features but despite all these still maintain an affordable price. This is what made the Camry still hold its place in a tough market.

Toyota Corolla
The Toyota Corolla has been a best seller around for some years now; it is able to have sold up to 303,732 units because of its more elegant and fun to drive hatchback and sedan. Available at an affordable price, it gives the driver a roomier interior, a smooth ride experience and a great save in purchasing fuel. With all these the Toyota Corolla is able to stand tall among all other cars in the America.

Honda Accord
With over 291,071 recorded sales in the year 2018, it has been the biggest seller in the United States for years before its sales fell by 10% losing to the Honda Civic due to the booming of the SUVs. Having a spacious interior, with luxurious trims and other quirks it has been able to become a family favourite though taking time raise up in the market.

Nissan Sentra
The huge sibling of the Nissan Altima, has been able to complete 213,046 unit sales in 2018 due to its model changeover offering a larger value price. Although, the Nissan Sentra experienced a decline of 2.5% last year. Its aggressive pricing has helped it stay among America’s best selling cars even though it has been pushed by other rivals.