Top Trendy Additions To Have In Your Car

Who wouldn’t want to have a cool pimped up ride like those that featured in the TV show pimp my ride? A car with all those cool additions not only stands out on the road, but it also adds to the comfort of the drivers. There are many ways to add a cool edge to your car to achieve the luxurious feels that fits your taste. Some of these add-ons that can be easily installed in your car include:

Stereo/ Surround system

This is one of the most famous ways to upgrade your car and take to a whole new level. The quality of music coming from a subwoofer will make the difference in your car as you go about your driving. Getting a well balanced system installed in your boot is a common modification that can be made to fit any size of system you want installed.

Snazzy head/tail lights

Head and tail lights grab attention as they are meant to reflect light. Getting a cool design will not cost an arm and a leg but the after effect is bound to get you a few nods in traffic.  Getting headlight covers can also help protect your headlights and change the colour and shape of your headlights. High intensity discharge lights and LED lights can also bring a wow factor to your lights. Moreover, headlight films can be used to add an even cooler tint to your headlight colours. It’s important to keep the lights’ modifications in compliance with safety standards.


Getting plush seat covers will not only make the interior of your car look good, it will also improve the comfort of the seats. With a wide range of colours and fabrics to choose from, you can easily get your upholstery installed to your taste. A matching steering wheel cover will also add to the overall appeal of your car; you can even get heated ones for cold seasons.

Video screens

Adding viewing screens at the back of your headrests is a good way to keep passengers entertained while on a drive. This cool feature allows you to bring your visual entertainment on the road.


Adding a spoiler at the back of your car creates the illusion of a very fast car. The spoiler is usually found on race cars for aerodynamic support. Adrenalin enthusiasts will find this addition irresistible.

Window tints

Good old window tints will never go out of style for car lovers. They are easy to install and give a cool sense of privacy while driving. There is a variety of opacities to choose from just be sure to keep it visible enough to see other vehicles around you.

New funky wheels

This is another timeless upgrade that has stood the test of time. There are lots of designs to choose from including amazing spins and colour to boot. You will never go wrong with a cool set of wheels spinning as you drive down the road. In addition, there is something for everyone depending on how much money you want to spend.

Mini fridge

If you think about it, having a mini fridge for your refreshments in your car can be a life saver. If you drive for a long time it can be more convenient than stopping to get refreshments in the long run. This can also save you time for when you need to grab something chilled while rushing somewhere.

There are much more alterations you can make to go with your upgrades. Having interior LED lights installed in your car in a colour of your choice can also add brightness to the inside of your car.

The trick to getting the best out of your modifications is to keep it minimal. Having all modifications competing on one car may have your car looking like a circus van. Remember in the end, less is more.