5 Practical Travel Gizmos for Your Next Car Excursion

Your next car excursion doesn’t have to be long and boring. Be prepared and spice up your journey with these five essential and practical travel gadgets.

Car adapter/ charger

It goes without saying that a car charger is a must-have whenever you go on a road journey. This is because you need to keep that phone powered in case of emergencies.

This gizmo is usually small with USB sockets and plugs into your car’s accessory port. It is used for charging your phone and other gadgets like tablets and cameras.

Formerly, car chargers would drain the car battery when left on for long, even after charging. However, the latest gadgets are quick charging and automatically switch off after charging.  They also boast of multiple sockets to cater to a large group of travelers and some have indicator lights or illuminated ports.

Portable Jumpstarter

No more need of standing by the roadside to flag down a passing vehicle because your car battery is drained.

Portable jump starters are chargeable, store power and therefore don’t need another vehicle to jumpstart the battery.  The latest gizmos are sleek and portable and will be stored easily in the nooks of your car.  Some models can be used to charge phones and other devices, while some include a flashlight for nighttime work. These gadgets, though small in size, can offer over 400 amps, being able to jumpstart even larger vehicles, and will work for long before needing to be recharged.

Back seat organizer

With all the kits and accessories not mentioning luggage that you need to have on your road trip, getting rid of clutter is a priority. This makes having a backseat organizer a must have for its ability to keep things where organized and accessible. Backseat organizers come in all ranges, sizes and colors, but the best part is that there’s always one for you. From the geek who needs to store his numerous gadgets, to children and their different games, mothers, campers, backseat organizers keep changing to accommodate your different needs.

Wireless Dock

I bet you find it hard to travel without using the GPS on your phone.  It is battery- draining, however, and the best way to keep the phone charged and yet still active is to use a wireless dock for the car. Wireless docks have a high charging speed and smooth design that sits on the dashboard of a car or is suspended at the front end.

Though this can only charge a single phone at a time, it eliminates the need for long extensive wires and clutter and improves safety while driving.

Wireless router

Connectivity is a basic need and having internet in the car is definitely essential for any road excursion. Using your phone as a hotspot is not an option as data charges can really be high. Some vehicles come with inbuilt wifi but these are usually costly. The easiest alternative would be to use a wireless router in the car to connect all your travel companions. To access the internet on the router, you need a data plan. However, most routers have many other uses and can be used to share files like movies to different connected devices. They can also be used to enhance other wireless networks in areas like service stations.

You don’t need to be a nerd to enjoy the benefits of technology. Power your next car excursion with these gizmos, and you’ll not regret!