5 Safest Cars In The Market Today

Some of the safest cars on the planet today are probably the Formula 1 cars with all their safety harnesses and tweaks to improve their security for racing on the tracks. This is probably why in the event of accidents, drivers almost often walk away unhurt however much the vehicle gets mangled. These are however not practical cars for daily road users. The daily road users’ cars have the most basic features such as seat belts, crumple zones, anti-lock brakes, child lock and multiple airbags. The US and EU have very strict safety standards for cars meant for their markets and this trend is slowly catching on to the rest of the world. So what are some of the safest cars ever made?

Volvo XC60 SUV

Volvo is considered the world over as the safety provider in the auto industry after inventing the three point seat belt.  This reputation is clearly demonstrated in the Volvo XC60 SUV. The car has in built technology that ensures safety. This tech includes multiple airbags, a blind spot monitor, daytime running lights, a lane departure warning and traction control. As if that was not enough, the manufacturer added electronic stability system, think two step verification lock.  It also has a pedestrian sensor that allows the car to instantly break in case it senses a potential accident risk.

Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes Benz has built their brand over the years around providing the safest cars in the market.  This car vibrates when you change lanes to alert you and will sense cars that are around you using its radar sensors.  The car has special cameras that note markings on the road as you drive. It also has a blind spot assist feature.  This car’s best feature is the attention assist technology that will track changes in your driving and know if you are tired or sleepy. This will then notify you to pull over and rest. 

Subaru Impreza

This is one for the speed junkies who roll on a budget. The car boasts of multiple airbags to absorb crash impact, electronic stability and traction control. The vehicle dynamic control will automatically come to play if the car senses the wheels slipping. It also has daylight running lights and 4 wheel disc brakes that help you come to a complete stop when avoiding a crash. The Eyesight sytem that works like an assistant is there to make sure you are safe from potential accidents.

Audi Q7

In addition to the assisted driver specifications like in the other cars, the Audi Q7 also has integrated turn mirrors and Auto-levelling lights. The car is well equipped with smart technology to reduce chances of crushing and in case of a crash, it will minimize the impact on a passenger. Being a German model, you can be sure this machine is worth its weight in gold because if we are being honest the phrase well-oiled German machine used to refer to efficiency wasn’t born out of anything but cars.

Toyota Prius

This car made this list first because Toyotas are the world’s most famous car makers going by the number of units already in the market. For the market price, this car is probably the safest in its range. It has anti-lock brakes that allow it to turn while breaking and stability control that senses when the car limits have been exceeded and reduces the engine power to prevent the car from going out of control. In addition, the car has multiple airbags to minimize crash impact and a security system that will prevent the car from starting if the manufacturer ignition key is not used.  This car’s appeal is in the practicality that comes with Toyotas coupled with the safety standards.

In conclusion, vehicle safety measures put in by manufacturers will only go so far in offering you safety, recklessness will still override these safety features and probably land you in an ER so whatever you drive, drive safely and arrive alive.