Automakers Mistakes That Result in Apologies and Losses

Designing, shipping, and building a car are not a small venture. It is an arduous process that carmakers possessing dedicated employees and state-of-the art factories also have invest a lot of though and care into it.

Along the way, in the process, sometimes things go wrong. This may cost a big time to the auto maker as well. It is a gamble of car making. With parts and details of going into a vehicle making, there are plenty of things for the automaker to take care of. Mistakes happen and the faulty parts do skip in the process. There are several actions following that the automaker at no extra charge issues a recall to the clients, this is a very bad situation that results in offends and an automaker has to apologize stepping up. The cars involved in the incidents made mistakes and were not the best moment for the carmakers that were household names. To name a few:

Ford Figo
The Figo is not the first Ford appearing on this list. The problem was with Ford ad that hit the wrong post. The ads failed to paint a positive light on women. This failed the image of Ford Figo. Ford apologized and also the WPP Group conveyed regret in creating the ad. Both companies took swift action in pursuit of the outrage of the public. Luckily the ads did not go as mainstream and were mockups only.

Toyota Prius
The Toyota Prius is a popular and successful car in the lineup of the automaker. The Prius Hybrids shut off randomly while driving. Owing to this issue, Toyota recalled millions of cars. They took essential steps to save their image. The company apologized and most importantly, the Toyota founder’s grandson also voiced his apology. Toyota is the most trusted and biggest automakers today and they do become a victim of missteps.

Hyundai IX35
A carmaker many times runs a marketing campaign or an ad and it may not sit right with public. Hyundai in 2013 was in deep water due to an ad that aired in the UK. It had a driver going to the deep end. The ad portrayed many people struggle, a sensitive condition and this did not go well to be treated as a light issue. Hyundai did apologize, but the problem was by that time itself the ad was viral and Hyundai sympathized with general public. They made amends and also acted rightly.

The GM Ignition Switch
General Motors noticed issues on the Saturn Ion ignition switches. As per the internal report, the switch was redesigned. However, GM got in 2004 and 2005 reports about its Chevrolet Cobalts losing power as the keys bumped causing steering, power braking, and airbags to stop working that the automaker avoided redesigning as it became very costly. This is because it caused several accidents, deaths and billions of dollars to the company.
GM, in 2014 made an enormous recall effort and it paid a $900 million fine to the Department of Justice.