Avoid scams when selling your car

Most people are into the internet now to order food, buy clothes, order the shopping and so much more. You can even buy and sell your car online however sometimes this does not go well.
There are scammers out there and because the internet reaches so many people and is easy to use it is being chosen as a better way to buy and sell your car.

There are so many scams out there so when you are selling your car here are a few things to keep your eye on.

I don’t need to view the car
Nobody buys a car without seeing it that just isn’t normal. When someone is ready to buy your car without seeing it could be a scam so be aware when dealing with people like this, sometimes it could be a way to get your address.If someone else buys the car on behalf of another person who hasn’t viewed the car make sure you get them to sign something to use a proof that they were happy to buy the car without viewing it.

I can pay online
Another typical scam that is popular and so many people get sucked in.These people will ask for your bank details to pay with and this will give them access to this personal information as well as your name and address plus email if you are communicating via that way. All this information can be used for identity theft so don’t risk it.These types of people will tell you they work for a large known company to sound trustworthy as well as some big story that they are working out of state etc. etc.

You may receive a legit receipt that looks just like what you would see with the logo and genuine information that looks real, but it is just made to look like that and in fact they have not deposited any money at all.Do not organized to ship the car until you have checked you account to be sure money has gone in. Sometimes the buyer will tell you that they have paid but bank is holding the money until the car is shipped to protect the buyer’s money.

The car is not worth that amount
Potential buyers will tell you they spoke to a mechanic and they said the car was not worth the price you are asking. They will then ask you to knock a fair bit of money off. Sometimes they can bring someone with them who appears to be a professional but isn’t and they will both convince you that you have overpriced the car.Once you have knocked of money they will buy it and resell it for what you originally had therefore pocketing the difference.

Be wise and do your research before putting your car on the market. Don’t be afraid to ask for identification to see the person is who they say they are. Ask questions and get a second opinion if something seems suspicious from someone you know and trust.