Car Trends That Need To Go Away In 2019

Sometimes it is not necessary that your car has all the gadgets or showy. All this is for style but it is not needed. It is just better to keep things simple as it can be too much and should be avoided. There are a lot of features or excessive trends that are constantly added to cars yearly or with the release of new models that need to be noticed and eliminated.

Auto start/stop systems
This feature has been around for years now after being introduced by car manufacturers as a way to keep their car technologically advanced, updated and to save fuel. Driving a car that are installed with these systems can be of great disappoint as they tend to break down most of the time freezing the driver at every stoplight making a need to get rid of them. The auto system needs to be developed more before they can function properly.

Irregular wheels
In a bid to produce creative and insane wheel designs, the manufacturers tend to go overboard trying too hard to strike their buyers, and instead produce wheels that look very bad. Although these insane wheels may look great and popular to some people, it is definitely a trend that needs to be removed by 2019.

Crystal headlights
Car manufacturers try to make their buyers think the car’s headlights were produced out of gems or diamonds. This may look too surplus and necessary because they don’t serve any realistic purpose to the car and owner, only just as a design style to the lamps. It only serves as a reason for the car companies to charge steep amounts to their buyers for just crystalline headlights that serve no purpose. The BMW X6 is one of the few cars that started this trend and it needs to go away.

Bogus exhaust tips
With a lot of new models of cars having stylish exhaust tips nowadays, it makes this trend to be in abundance as in most cases they are just fanciful vents moulded into a rear bumper with a rounded cylinder underneath the car. It is actually a disappointment noticing how stylish enough these highly rated cars are already without the necessary need to have more bogus exhaust tips added to them.

Wi-Fi installed in cars seems as a great idea at first as they help the GPS system to function properly and provide many other benefits to the owners. But, the disadvantages underlined in them are more than the advantages it offers its owners. At a point, the bills paid to maintain the Wi-Fi may look cheap and sparse but after some time, the owner is left settling bills brought by the car and internet services. It then looks as if the car companies created this feature as a means to extort money from their owners making them look greedy and devious. So perhaps the Wi-Fi feature really needs to go so as to save the money of the owners.