Cars that Nobody Wants

People are fickle buyers. When a new model is released, there is fanfare and everyone rushes to stores to get one. Sometimes, after a year or two, they complain about the monthly mortgage, safety issues, or just too much space used on the garage.

Sometimes, cars look shiny and new from the outside but they actually perform terribly. This is the case of the Aztec Pontiac. Its quality was doomed from the start and movies used to make the Pontiac as a prop for burning cars.

This can be an extreme case but here are some of the cars that declined in sales. They are considered the worst-selling cars in history.

BMW i3

This has one of the cars with a groundbreaking design. This is an electric vehicle that looks like the future of the car and it offers the advanced technology. However, the problem lies in the car’s performance. The maximum speed of the car is only 81 mph. You can extend the miles to 150 but you should get first a $3,800 range extender which is not a viable option for many people. Added to this, the car carries a burden in the form of the BMW logo. This means that they sell at a high price which usually $42,000 and up. In 2016, only 332 cars found a new home which is a 64% decline from the original sales.

Chrysler 200

This was a dominant car until the uninspiring driving experience took over. The car space was cramped and the features are not what a standard Chrysler looks like. Finally, the car came down from its pedestal when FCA chief Sergio Marchionne declared the car to be a failure. The company says that the car will be phased out in 2018. Only 6,176 were sold on 2016 which was a considerable decline to the 19,000 Chrysler 200s which has found a home in 2015.

BMW 6 Series

There’s actually nothing wrong with the car. The BMW lineup has all the designs, luxury, and cohesiveness that are the standards of the Brand. This car was perfect for people who think that the S5 is getting old and the public needs a new toy. The car was a 4-door Gran Coupe, convertible, and coupe. However, for 2,430 buyers, it declined to just 390 people who want the car in their garage.

Mini Paceman

The Paceman is a crossover that has a two-door family seater. This car is a combination of luxury, performance, and practicality. The entry price of 23k makes this a bargain for most families. The Paceman did not show some signs of success though. In 2015, it sold a total of 112 cars and down to just 15 cars in the following year.

Mazda CX-9

The car was first released in 2006. This is the oldest vehicle of Mazda that is still in production. It would come as no surprise when people won’t buy it anymore. Out of 1,489, only 117 left the dealer’s lot in 2017.