Caught, New MINI John Cooper Works Tests Its Handles

We are nearly halfway through the year, and you know that it is time for companies to make a move. Cars included. Images on the internet have revealed that MINI is testing out one of their new offerings on the road.

The John Cooper Works GP was caught on camera having its handling capabilities tested on the road at Nurburgring. This is the first sighting of the model’s prototype. This is yet another car of MINI’s that will rival Golf R.
Judging from the images that has been circulated, the John Cooper Works GP has improved upon what is the norm for a standards John Cooper Works – Cooper S. In fact, to accommodate the wider dimensions of the car’s front and rear, a huge rear wing and a set of wheels arches that are vastly flared were installed into the new model. In addition, MINI added in a new splitter and a diffuser which was revamped making the vehicle look more aggressive than usual.

Caught, New MINI John Cooper Works Tests Its Handles

Its wheel arches which are shaped like a square have been compared to the MINI GP Concept which was presented to the public during an auto show in Frankfurt. However, that was way back in 2017. Also, the teaser images also revealed that it is standing on wheels made out of alloy, but, instead of the MINI traditional four-spoke wheel, it has five.

MINI did reiterate that this was only for the prototype. Once production starts, these will revert back to the traditional four-spoke wheels.

Carrying on the tradition, the MINI John Cooper Works GP will be on a limited production run. The car company is planning to craft only 3,000 pieces which are to be sold across the globe. Other than the car itself, the company will be offering customization. This includes a suspension set-up that can be reworked according to your liking, larger brakes if you want, and a new differential.

The engine that will power the John Cooper Works GP will be a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that is estimated to reach up to level above 300bhp, making it more powerful, and as a result, make it a better version of itself. To even better the John Cooper Works GP, many are speculating that the four-cylinder engine, will specifically be a 2.0-liter one which was derived from the standard version of the model.

In addition, the John Cooper Works GP will be fitted with larger turbochargers, a new intercooler system, and more importantly, an exhaust that was revamped to accommodate all the power that the vehicle will be producing.

Caught, New MINI John Cooper Works Tests Its Handles

When it drives into showrooms, hopefully by the end of the year, it will not be light. It will remain heavy, unlike the weight saving extremes that MINI went through with the GP Concept. However, it will later on. It might be accomplished by removing the rear seat, and also, the company is planning to add a sound deadening mechanism.

Do not be excited too much. It might be debuting itself in showrooms at the end of the year, but sale will not start until early the following year.