Jaguar XE Review: Different Interiors, Same Old Feel

“Jaguar renovated their XE model to compete with BMW, Mercedes, and Audi, and here is our review of this year’s variant.

Recapping past models, Jaguar always had it rough with the XE. Its competition has always been a cut above Jaguar’s model. To try and compete, they revamped the model and simplified its engine and its line-ups.


The XE is made more imposing and more intimidating with the combination of front and rear LED lights. Sportier bumpers are also fitted. What amazes experts is how in spite these changes, the dimensions of the car remain the same as before.

Jaguar XE Review: Different Interiors, Same Old Feel


This is where the designers of Jaguar made the most effort. For example, in spite not having much space, they ensured that the rear seats are cozier compared to the German cars that it is competing with. And also, they changed the cabin into a design that is similar to what made the I-Pace SUV successful, interior design wise.

What Jaguar really wants you to focus on is their TouchPro Duo Infotainment system. It has a 10.2-inch touchscreen complete with a satellite navigation and communications system. For minor operations, there is a secondary touchscreen just beneath it.

Wireless charging pads are also added on the vehicle for the user’s convenience.
With all these additions into the interior of the XE, it gives off a feeling that it was made with higher quality products. This includes better leather and wood quality, the same can be said with the plastic materials used. It provides a sporty feel that was severely lacking in the previous variant of the car.

You will also be given the option to pick whether you want your car to have one diesel or two diesels. Moreover, the company has allowed its buyers to opt for an R-Dynamic which improves the car inside and out, but it falls flat with improving the entirety of the car’s ensemble.

Jaguar XE Review: Different Interiors, Same Old Feel


With the revamped XE, Jaguar gives its buyers the option to add R-Dynamic specification to any of the interiors that were mentioned above. However, this option does not improve any of the vehicle’s mechanics.

Luckily, the feel of the new XE on the road is similar to the old one, but it runs better. With the new engine, it is now capable of reaching 155mph, and is able to accelerate from zero to 60 in 5.7 seconds, but that is the best it could go.
Experts say that this engine does not have any potent acceleration.

Where the XE truly excels is the way it stops, steers, rides, and changes gears. It is a cut above those of its competition. Expect it to be even better once the standard variants come into the market, its handling will be off the charts.

In addition, it also has taken similar technology from the Range Rover Evoque by installing switchable camera view which is expected to improve rear view vision.

All in all, the revamped Jaguar XE is a treat, although not much has changed mechanically, for its price which the company has brought down by £1,700, it is worth every buck.”