The Mazda CX-3 Is Still Beating Out Other Subcompact Crossover Vehicles

Subcompact-crossover segments have been growing in the US market and one of the pre-existing cars in this sector still draws attention. The Mazda CX-3 has been in the market since 2016 and it is the one car that gave Mazda the head start that they needed to beat the other crossovers. This is a car that has been a favorite and preferred by most Americans. This is a growing market that has been caused by the car making companies leaving behind the small sedans to make crossovers.


This is a car that is able to meet the functional needs and the demands that have been made by the American consumers. It is doing all this while still remaining true to the brand that Mazda has taken so long to solidify. The company has taken Mazda cars to new heights with their fun-to-drive heritage that has allowed them to make a niche with unique specificiuty. The upscale look is also something to be desired.

Dino Bernacchi who is the chief marketing officer for Mazda in North American said that they have been trying to maintain the fun-to-drive experience that they are known for and that is something that they did for the CX-3. It is a great entry-level vehicle with utility and presents a formidable opponent in most of the categories that it is a part of. It has all the capabilities that a CX-5 has but with a more complex structure that boasts compactness. It was aimed for a different demographic than the one that bought the CX-5. He said that it was all about finding the right size in a world where one size does not fit all.

Even with this petite body, the CX-3 is still able to pack a punch when it comes to power. It has an exterior that is evocative, keeping in line with the brand which has been designing recent cars with the same aesthetic. The sporting performance gives it great agility in steering and is actually fun to drive. The fuel economy is also great with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.
The cabin is lined with premium materials that is in line with all recent Mazda vehicles that have been going for elegant style over the older more traditional hardline route. A lot more people are going to consider the brand now.
It has new safety features that include a blind-spot monitoring rear traffic to make sure that no one backs out into something just because they cannot see it from where they are.

The Mazda CX-3 Is Still Beating Out Other Subcompact Crossover Vehicles

The seats are great and the front ones are spacious for adults to be comfortable. However, the back seats area not that great and might dissuade crossover customers who wanted to go for a smaller car. The car has exactly 12.4 cubic feet of space in the rear seats area and 44.5 cubic feet when they chairs have been folded down.
All in all, it is a compact car that will perform its function as all fun-to-drive Mazda cars.