Three Reasons Why The Miata Is An Impressively Unique Car

Following the Annual Technology conference for New England Motor Association NEMPA that took place a couple of days ago, the Miata carried home two great awards at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-M.I.T. Firstly, it won the award of being a great new car. Secondly, it won the award of being the pre-owned vehicle of the year.
We shall narrow down to three of the many great reasons as to why Miata was quite outstanding during the awards dinner at the M.I.T.

Three Reasons Why The Miata Is An Impressively Unique Car

It Is Affordable

For as low as $2,500, you can acquire a cool first-generation Miata that is on Autotrader. Similarly, a brand-new Miata goes for only $40,000.Purchasing a pre-owned Miata will bring you so much benefits. First off, there are the after sale services which accompany the great car. For instance, things like replacement parts should not be your worry. The other issue concerning performance modifications is also well catered for. The overall car’s maintenance is quite affordable compared to others.

It Is Easy and Fun To Drive

Nowadays, you will find that most cars have their bodies fully covered in such a way that you are limited to the fresh air outside. Though, these cars may be equipped with automatic transmissions and temperature regulators, they may not always give the correct desired natural temperature. For example, on a hot day, you might be forced to open your car’s windows in order to access the fresh air outside. That is where the Miata models come in handy. Based on the Mazda’s old school layout, they can be converted accordingly to open up and give you the pleasure of experiencing the natural breathtaking breath of the fresh air without having you to open up windows. All you need to do is just press a button and leave the rest for the advanced technologies installed in the car.

Three Reasons Why The Miata Is An Impressively Unique Car

It Is Reliable

The Miata was in the list of the top 10 Most Reliable Cars last year according to consumer reports, besides, it was the sole sports car on that coveted list. This is also not the first or last time that the Miatas’ are appearing on the list, they also scooped some reliability scores in 2010.
Taking a look at the Miata’s balance proves that its repairs are usually not so expensive. As a matter of fact safe driving might see your Miata finishing many years without needing any repairs. However, this does not mean that the car is perfect in itself, regular check-ups are recommended just in case the convertibles have worn out. The car can be serviced by professionals almost anywhere due to its wide market appeal. Therefore, you won’t have to frantically search for a place to service your car.

It is also wise to note that some parts of the car which are specifically exposed to the sun, rain and maybe dust particles do age and may need replacement. All said and done, it is quite clear that the Mazda Miata car is a classic car which should be your immediate ‘go for’ in your next car shopping.