These Are The Ugliest Cars of 2018

With the help of new technology and previous histories of car failures, you might think that manufacturers have already learned their lessons well. Cars are not only for speed and horsepower, it’s also for impressing your neighboring drivers when you are stuck on traffic or while speeding on the expressway. However, there are just some car manufacturers that do not get it. A car can impact the way society will look at their clients. Without further ado, here are some of the cars that everybody thinks as flops.

BMW i3

When you say BMW, you might be thinking of luxuries, world-class look, and comfortable interiors. So, many were shocked when the new BMW i3 was revealed in showrooms. It looks like a displaced turtle from the islands of Galapagos. Other reviews state that the car looks like a pig snout buggy that has an underbite. The dual color features added to highlight the car parts that are not so attractive. This is, of course, all talk about a very underwhelming car which did not please the public.

Price starts at $44,500

Nissan Juke Nismo

Since it’s released in 2011, Nissan Juke Nismo always gets the list for ugliest cars during the year. With headlights that look like the eye of a crocodile and a very tiny spoiler, you think that the manufacturers’ have learned their lesson and should discontinue the car. The bizarre color options do not help either. But despite being called ugly, or a car with alligator eyes, the Nissan keep selling like hotcakes every year. This might be what they call reversed psych or just the manufacturers giving mentally-challenged people what they want.

Price starts at $25,800

Bugatti McLaren Senna

Fans who frequent the racing world are expecting a lot from Bugatti. However, it seems that they are doomed to be disappointed. The McLaren does not score a perfect 10 in the looks department even though it has an impressive v8 engine that can accelerate from 0-60 in just 2 seconds. The engine can make anyone’s heart pound but the shape is really unimpressive. The car has around bubble canopy. The company even went so far as to describe the car as having a design that is aggressive and striking. The description can mean anything though. They might have meant a flattened beluga when they were describing the car.

Price starts at $837,000

Bugatti Veyron Diamond Edition

No, this is not a car for the deceased but it still failed to impress several critics. The car was revealed at a Geneva Motor Show and the carbon exterior does not do anything to make an impression. The “marble” finish does not achieve the desired finish. No amount of bling and glitter can salvage the car’s design. Many said that it looks like a hotel lobby bombarded with bird poop. Ouch!

Price starts at $2 million

Electra Meccanica Solo EV Commuter

This car looks like a chopped off car that was made in a junkyard. The Electra can start from 0 to 60 in 8 seconds and runs at a maximum speed of 85 mph. And yes, with its half and half feature, this will make you wonder where’s the rest has gone through.

Price starts at $15,500