A Welcomed Addition to the Ford SUV Family, the Ford Puma

Ford has been a household name when it comes to cars, and this year, it is set to rival cars the like of the Nissan Juke with their very own Ford Puma. This means that the Puma will now become a small, five-door SUV instead of its standard small coupe which the public loved even more because of how much they can afford it.

With this change, the Puma will now be opposite the Nissan Juke, as mentioned, along with Peugeot 2008 and Renault Captur. Ford is planning to release it later this year, and here is how it could look once it rolls out to dealerships.

Ford is marketing the Puma as a car with an athletic and desirable style, which is the same as it always had. Speaking of similarities with its predecessor, the Puma will also be sitting on a chassis straight from the Ford Fiesta.

A Ford Preview event also revealed that the Puma is taking more than just the chassis from the Fiesta, even how it looks is nearly identical. Although, experts do say that the dimensions are similar to the Captur, on of its competitors, but with a slight difference in its length since it was measured to be at 4,200mm compared to the former’s 4,122mm.

The extended length of the Puma might stem from the focus of the design. According to Amko Leenarts, the focus of the new Puma is family, and that it was vital to remain consistent with the design.

A Welcomed Addition to the Ford SUV Family, the Ford Puma

LED DRLs are installed around the curved headlights which are situated around the latest Ford family face. However, this time, the lights sit higher up the front wings. What this allows is a gaping grille that is wider and taller while it is being flanked by air intakes.

As it is a family-oriented vehicle, Ford boasts that the Puma answers the problem of SUV owners not having substantive space for luggage, and as it reveals the Puma has 456 liters of usable luggage space. Compared to its competition, that is leaps and bounds more than the Peugeot, and just a liter above the Captur.

Not much has been revealed during their event in Amsterdam since it was solely focused on the new Ford Kuga. However, rumors circulating that the Puma will be run with a 48-volt mild-hybrid technology which reports say will also be making its way to the Fiesta and the Focus. The mild-hybrid mechanism will be working closely with the installed 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine which will grab energy from the braking system before distributing it to the hybrid.

Let it be known however that the hybrid generator does not power the car. It will only help boost its performance and to lower emissions of the car. However, specifications regarding the lowered emissions remain a mystery.

A Welcomed Addition to the Ford SUV Family, the Ford Puma

Price of the new Puma has also been undisclosed, but many assumed that it should be similar to the Fiesta which is priced at £21,000. While the hybrid variant will cost £2,000 more.

The Puma will be the in-between of the EcoSport and the Kuga as it joins its SUV line-up later this year.