Are Vintage Cars Making A Comeback?

Vintage cars are admired, and they always seem to come out of the worst conditions still looking there best.When the production run ends is when you will see the finish to the vintage cars.  Some great cars have packed up shop and retired but that doesn’t mean we have to forget about them. There are still plenty of vintage car groups and clubs around to show the passion. Decades after they have retired there is still the cars that turn heads some have even made a return looking sleeker and sharper in the modern style.

Fiat 500
This car is one that shows off the Italian car culture. A small car that has the works. It weighs 1000lbs and a length no more than 10 feet. It worked well for the quick trip to store and zipping around the town. It came out in the 1950’s and offered something else to the Fiat 126. Never judge something small it’s full of punch.

The Volks Beetle
The Volkswagen beetle was another icon in the 1960’s. This car was classis and had all the features you wanted in a car.It was known as a reliable car and it became a surprise when they sold over 21 million of them. The modern beetle was brought out in 1998. However, these days it is not as popular as the vintage classic style which is now known worldwide on placemats, clothing, etc. Any items with the vintage beetle is worth money.

Mini Cooper
The mini in the original form debuted in 1950’s. Alec Issigonis was the designer but little did he know it would go on to be an icon. The mini cooper is now an icon everywhere in the world. A whopping sale of 5 million cars worldwide that’s impressive. Bmw then took the company over around the 1994 mark. Even now the car is modernized but still just as popular as when it started.

Dodge charger
Nothing was more exciting than owning a muscle car in the 1960’s. The challenger and charger had a huge appeal everywhere. They were a classic car with hemi engines that could go when you wanted them to. By the time the 1980’s came the car slowly started to fade out. These cars didn’t fade for too long they made a comeback in the 2000’s. Designs may have changed but the power is still the same it can leave you back at the start line whimpering.

These two cars are popular at the muscle car shows where you see pure devotion to the old cars.

The Chevrolet Camaro

The Camaro is a well-known car and quite often goes up against the ford mustang. The mustang out did the Chevrolet Camaro in 2002 when the production ended.
It was a good 36 years of contest. In 2010 the Camaro made a comeback looking even meaner than before.At least with it re-emerging it means there is hope for us to continue seeing this beauty around more often.