The best-selling car in the World

It’s not the power or the sex appeal or even the style of a car that’s popular. The Toyota corolla has set records on the rally track and has been a drift icon but also has the ability to safely get you to the local stores.In 1966 was when the original Corolla was created and 50 years on it still tops ranking for Australia in 2014. The corolla has had its shares of updates, and revision that has seenthis car out do the Mazda 3. The updates won’t be slowing anytime soon as the 2015 Corolla ascent can prove this.

In the Toyota Corolla you will find features to make the car more comfortable for you as a driver and a passenger.Bluetooth connectivity, 6.1-inch touchscreen brings it up to modern style of the car phase.
A reverse camera is installed to assist in parking safely. You get buyers who shop for the family car but the rally driver in them from their teen years still lingers. This is where Toyota caters for the race car drivers with its Acent sports hatch that has some racier features.

The ascent sport offers 16inch alloy wheels so there are no steel wheels that adorn to the base model. When talking about transmissions the Corolla Ascent has a six-speed manual transmission.
Toyota have their head screwed on right with the hill start to reduce the pressure of the hardest struggles on the manual transmission. A seven speed CVT continuous variable transmission makes up for the automatic transmission offering a smooth drive if you choose to go with the CVT. CVT is basically an automatic transmission meaning there is no changing of gears. Rather than using a set of gears that are preset like manual and auto the CVT version continuously produces unlimited amount of gears.

Distinct style
Among the 1990s through to the early years of the 2000’s the Corolla had a unique style just suited to them.However we can see now that the curves that belonged to the older models are being changed to a more sharper edge and angels. Toyota has explained it is more of a sporty look which adds definition to the lines of the car.The exterior of the car has halogen lights that work well both day and night.

A car that rates 5 stars
A feature that manufacturers look for to advance sale numbers is a 5 start rating. Since Toyota have built their success on safe reliable vehicles it has become mandatory for their company to offer a five-star crash rating. That just isn’t on a certain model either that goes for every brand-new Corolla on the market today.People have trust in Toyota and their safety features, the minimal mechanical problems and the reliability its no wonder they top the list and will still continue to do so with flying colors for years to come.