10 Ways Electric Cars Are Saving the Earth

One of the most important aspect that favors electric cars in today’s scenario is the fact that they are actually helping the world. Let’s take a look at the ten ways in which they are doing this.

1. Lesser greenhouse gas emission

Considering, global warming and climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emission and thereby reducing the carbon footprint is a major concern for most governments. The electric cars score well over here as they emit lesser greenhouse gases, especially when powered by plants that don’t produce greenhouse gases. Even otherwise, they bring down the carbon dioxide emissions by about 22% as compared to the regular cars.

2. Reduced energy usage

The world is fast moving to renewable energy sources and try and reduce the usage of fossil fuel energy sources. Electric cars and even the hybrid cars are a major boost in this direction. The combination of electric as well as a regular engine when needed can reduce energy consumptions greatly as they can even be powered by electric grids.

3. Less pollution

Regular cars contribute towards the smog pollution in many areas. It is said that electric cars can bring down this pollution levels by as much as even 99%. This is as per none other than, Sherry Boschert, the author of Plug-in Hybrids: The Cars that Will Recharge America.

4. They are highly energy efficient

Electric cars are highly energy efficient and hence use only fifty percent of the energy that is normally used, even when powered by fossil fuels. In other words, they are twice more energy efficient than the regular cars, making them an attractive option.

5. Cleaner energy

Associated research in the technologies needed to power the electric cars have led to cleaner energy sources from electric grids that are better for the environment and certainly less polluting. This need has also spurred the generation of renewable energy technologies.

6. Easier on the environment

Electric cars are easier on the environment as they are made from materials that are eco-friendly like copper and plastics. They reduce ozone pollution as well as water consumption, which matters a lot.

7. They are safer

Electric are also safer for humans and hence, would lead to lesser accidents and mishaps. There are many safety features being incorporated that are normally not seen in the regular cars. This enhanced safety comes from the specialized batteries, the high amount of insulation and reduced inflammability. Also, they have very stringent test procedures that help avoid serious injuries, even in the case of accidents.

8. They are lighter

As compared to the steel and aluminum based frames of the regular cars, the electric cars are also lighter by around 40% because of the materials used. Technologies used, allow it to be compact and provide more space, even when they are lighter and more energy efficient.

9. Reduced dependence in oil producing nations

Typically, the world has seen a dependence on the oil producing nations for their oil needs. Energy is something that cannot be avoided and hence, reduced dependence on these can change geopolitical situations favoring the world. This could change many global scenarios in the future.

10. Reduced noise pollution

Many people totally ignore this one aspect that is a big benefit of using electric cars. The regular cars also make up for a huge noise pollution apart from the normal pollution of emissions. Many people are affected by this noise pollution. While using an electric car, you hardly hear anything. They are much quieter and help you drive smoothly with their electric engines.