5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Old Car And Buy An Electric Car

1. Electric vehicles are quieter than fuel-driven cars

Electric cars have been introduced to the world with their silent hum and if you are a long time fuel-driver, then the lack of noise might just unnerve you. Engineers have been perfecting their quiet engines for decades and the only sound you might hear is the soft whisper of the tires against the road. A fuel-driven vehicle can produce noise of up to 80 decibels so this quiet car will be music to your ears.

2. Electric vehicles are efficient energy savers

It is a globally known fact that electric vehicles are quiet efficient when it comes to energy consumption. A normal fuel-driven car loses at least 60% of its fuel as heat, using only 15% of the actual fuel to move the car. The rest of the energy is used up during friction. An electric car uses up most of its energy in order to move the car and it converts chemical energy to electrical energy at a rate of 90% efficiency. This way what you put into the car is exactly what you get out of it.

3. Electric vehicles save you money

Except for the fact that you don’t have to put fuel in your car, electric vehicles are very low maintenance. They do not need oil checks or replacement of fan belts, spark plugs or any other parts that might go faulty after a while. The brakes also last much longer because no mechanical friction is applied to stop the car. The battery itself has a high durability too, with some companies offering 8 year or 100,000 miles warrantees on LEAF or VOLT batteries. Everything you do with an EV saves you effort on maintenance.

4. Electric cars are money savers

Apart for the low maintenance costs on electric cars, these vehicles can save you money when it comes to other aspects of the car as well. Yes, it is true that electric cars are more expensive than fuel-vehicles, but they pay off in the long run. The government is offering a tax rebate of $7,500 for every EV purchased and some states like California offer an extra $5,000 incentive – that’s $12,500 that you save. When it comes to fuel costs a normal car would cost you about $10,000 per year based on the average car and driver, but an electric car will easily cost you $3,000 per year on energy expenditure.

5. Electric cars produce no emissions

This is the reason why electric cars are so popular. They produce zero emissions. They release no gasses due to combustion meaning that they don’t contribute to pollution. Technically speaking, the energy that is released from the electricity produces some emissions, but much less than that of a fuel-injected car. Studies have shown that on a 100-mile a fuel-driven car produces about 75 lbs of emissions whilst electric cars only produce 32 lbs during the same trip.