7 of the Most Stunning Electric Cars on the Market

With almost every manufacturer realizing that the future is where the electric cars are, you currently have a wide variety of options in this. And they all are more or less great in looks as well. Here is a list to run through.

Tesla Model 3

Manufactured by Tesla, this is a mid-size, four doors, luxury five seater sedan, that is fully electric with a minimalist dashboard. An interesting aspect of this model is the claim from Tesla that it contains full self-driving hardware that can be enabled at a future date. It is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5.1 seconds and is designed for a 5-star safety rating. This is meant to be a smaller, simpler and much more affordable car. It contains 8 airbags and comes with an automatic emergency braking as well as collision avoidance. It has Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity and keyless entry with voice-activated controls. It provides an 8 year, 100,000-mile battery warranty for the standard version, and 8 years, 120,000-mile battery warranty for the long range one.

Nissan Leaf

This is a compact, all-electric hatchback, which became the world’s all-time best-selling highway-capable electric car in history. Though introduced in Japan, currently the United States is its biggest market. It produces no tailpipe or greenhouse gas emission and has won many awards. It provides a range up to 150 miles with instant acceleration. Comes with features like e-Pedal, ProPILOT™ Assist as well as Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection. It is also a stunner in looks with a unique, multidimensional translucent blue grille, and a signature “floating” roof.

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

This is the smaller electric version, of the sub-brand of Mercedes, with a 17.6kWh battery that is capable of driving for a 100 miles on one charge. It has hi-tech infotainment with sat navigation and luxurious interiors. It is a two-seater, 2 doors, rear wheel drive that is suitable for city drives and may not last the longer drives.

Toyota Mirai

The Toyota Mirai is propelled using hydrogen fuel cell technology and hence there are no charging issues as long as hydrogen is filled. It has a futuristic look and feel and is a mid-size, luxury, four door sedan. It is highly energy efficient and can accelerate from 0 to 97 km/h (0 to 60 mph) in 9.0 seconds. Based on extensive crash testing, a high level of collision safety has been achieved with this car.

Jaguar I-Pace

Sleek and attractive like most other Jaguar cars, this one comes with two electric motors seated on the front and rear axles. Zero to 60mph acceleration is achieved in 4 seconds. A 300 miles range is claimed by Jaguar for the 90kWh battery. This five-seater sedan is expected to be tough competition for the full electric sedans in the market.

Volkswagen e-Up!

This is the all-electric version of Volkswagen’s popular Up! range. It is compact and comes with an 18.7kWh battery that provides around 99 miles. It is slightly heavier than other cars in the range and comes with three modes of driving. The other features include automatic headlights, cruise control, city emergency braking, and rear parking sensors.

Hyundai Ioniq

This is a hatchback from Hyundai, which has jumped into the electric car market and is expected to take on Tesla and Nissan. It comes with a 28kWh lithium-ion battery, chargeable from any traditional household electric socket. The range is said to be 174 miles and can accelerate from zero to 62mph in 9.9 seconds.