8 Things You Didn’t Know About Electric Cars

Clearly, there is a need to shift towards electric cars for environmental considerations, as well as going easy on the pocket. The fact that these cars are less polluting, run on renewable energy and are made out of eco-friendly materials, suggest that they are the cars of the future. However, most people do not have much idea about an electric car, except for the fact that they run on electricity. Here is a list of 8 such things that can surprise you.

1. They are not new

What if we told you that electric cars existed even in the 1900s and those they at one time, outnumbered gasoline cars, on the New York streets? In fact, the first electric car is said to have been out in 1832. It is tough to believe, but this is the truth. It is only after Henry Ford brought in an affordable mass market for gasoline vehicles that the electric cars had to take a back seat. Mostly, horsepower and long distance travel issues also contributed to its decline.

2. NYC cabs were electric cars

Most people may not know that at one point of time, during the 1900s, most cabs in NYC were actually electric cars. This is why they had outnumbered the gasoline ones, and it is expected that the same situation will come again in the near future.

3. They are powerful

It is a myth that electric cars are not powerful enough as their gasoline counterparts. Their engines are run using a non-combustion technology that run up 100 torque at zero rpm!

4. Distance issues are being addressed

A lot of research into the technologies associated with an electric car last helps it last for longer duration trips. While most people do not really travel more than 30 miles a day, the attempt has been to try and make much longer distances possible on a single charge. This is done through the use of lithium air batteries that allow for 10 times more storage of power than lithium ion batteries.

5. A wide variety of options

If you thought there is nothing much to choose in an electric car, then you are in for a surprise. There is a wide variety of choice available from basic to luxurious. The price range of these cars starts from $22, 990 to $114, and 100. The choices are from among the Toyota, BMW, Nissan, Chevy to the Tesla.

6. EV as a generator

Post the Japanese Tsunami, where the people used their EVs to power their basic needs and survived, this concept has caught on. It is clear that the power in these batteries can be used in such emergencies to power the basic utilities. In fact, Nissan has even come up with a unit that can connect this battery to your home unit and keep your home running for an average of about two days.

7. They are a saving account

Electric cars could actually be a saving account for you. To start with, there are tax credits and additional incentives that are provided by most governments across the world. They can help you save a lot on fuel costs as well as maintenance costs. Even if you have taken a loan to purchase the car, you may be able to pay it back much quicker than on a gasoline-powered car.

8. They have a Grand Prix

Not even the hardcore Formula 1 fan may probably be aware that the electric cars have a Grand Prix of their own. It goes by the name of Formula E and was started in 2014 in Beijing.