8 Things You Didn’t Know About Parking Assistance in Cars

Parking seems to be the one thing that might end troubling even a seasoned driver, at times. While many fail in the reverse parking section of the driver test, there are many mishaps that happen due to inefficient parking. This has given rise to the parking assistance systems in the cars. This technology is surely a hit as it helps people to park safely and efficiently. In fact, there are advanced automatic parking systems as well that park the car on their own. Here a few things that you did not know about parking assistance in cars.

It originated in the 90s

If you thought that the parking assistance in cars is a relatively new thing, then you are in for a surprise. This was devised and designed in Japan, way back in 1990s, by Toyota. It was called Advanced Parking Guidance System and meant to help people park their cars efficiently and safely. It was early technological advance and did not catch on in the market until quite later on.

It is affordable

There was a time when the parking assistance in cars was considered to be a luxury or a premium add-on. Also, it was offered only in premium brands as well. But, it is no longer like that. Advances in technology have assured that parking assistance is now cheaper and affordable and available in almost all models of cars. And you don’t have to shell out too much out of your pocket to get this.

Uses car sensors

The parking assistance system mostly uses the car sensors to help park the car properly. Sensors are not a new technology again, and were prevalent since the 1970s. The parking sensors are installed in the car bumpers and use ultrasonic technology to sense the things around.

They come with camera assistance too

Many of the parking assistance systems also come with a camera view. The reverse parking camera coupled with sensors, make it a highly effective system. Few high-end cars even have 360 degree views of the surrounding enabling an accurate parking.

It can spot a parking space for you

It sounds too good to be true, but it is indeed possible that your parking assistance in cars will spot a space to park your car as well. It will then, help you park the car in the spotted space.

Fully automatic parking

There are high-end cars that can fully autonomously park themselves, right from finding the space to maneuvering into it. This means that it will automatically switch gears and even put the hand brakes on to complete the process.

It can handle any parking

This technology is indeed intelligent and can handle, parallel, perpendicular or even angle parking perfectly. The technology has advanced to such a level that parking in the future may become totally driverless. And this is more so in the case of constrained parking spaces, where the chances of human errors are more.

It can be connected to smart devices

The parking assistance in BMW i3 can even be activated from a smart watch. And Bosch plans to release a system that can be controlled using a Smartphone. So, clearly in the future, you will be able to control your car parking from your smart devices.

These are the many facets of the parking assistance system in cars that you probably did not know about. So, if you have plans to go in for a new car or upgrade your existing one, please make sure to check out this option.