Basic DIY Car Care Ideas For You

While the value created by consistently taking in your car for servicing is impossible to ignore, there are a few do-it-yourself tricks that can go a long way towards maintaining your car’s condition. These are very basic activities that almost anyone can perform or at the very least learn to. These activities are as follows:

Clean your car regularly

This sound simple but a lot of people will put it off until they see a visible layer of dust on it which should not be the case. Keeping your car cleaned on the regular enables you to keep off natural elements that may otherwise harm the finishing. Preventing a build-up of dirt, grit and chemicals significantly lowers the chances of rust occurring as a result of road salt. Clean windows also improve visibility while on the road ensuring your safety.

Change your windshield wiper

A clean windshield plays an important role in proper visibility while driving. The windshield wipers trap dirt which may cause streaking on the windshield. This streaking causes the sun rays to be scattered on the screen hampering clear vision. Windshield wipers are readily available in local auto shops and are quite simple to replace as long as you pay attention to how the old one is connected at the joint. Care should be taken to get the correct size of wipes as the wrong size will be counterproductive.

Check the tires every month

Tires tend to lose air after a while. To check your tires’ pressure, you will need to use your tire pressure gauge first thing in the morning before driving out into the road. Measuring the tread depth for wear and rotating the tires at least every 6,000 miles is a good start to make them last longer. Keeping the tire pressure at the manufacturer’s recommended level will save you from replacing them sooner hence saving you money.

Oil the movable parts

Keeping all movable parts well-oiled will save you from constantly replacing worn out parts. You will need to pay attention to the manufacturer recommended oil and the filter type that you’ll need for this. Making sure that you have clean oil in the engine makes it work at its best. However if your oil filter is difficult to access, you may need to consult your service provider.

Change air filters

Changing an air filter can be done in less than an hour. Filters are readily available in your local auto supplies shop. In many cars, once you pop open the hood you will see it held in place using plastic clips. Refer to your user manual to be absolutely sure about the position.

Take note of how the old filter is secured in place before unsnapping the covering and taking it out. Slip in the new filter and secure it as the old one had been secured and- voila! Take a photo with the old filter still in place in case you are worried about getting it right.

Cool your engine

How you might want to ask; ensuring that your radiator is always full of radiator fluid is a sure way to prevent extreme temperatures from freezing or overheating the engine in either cold or hot weather respectively. Running water through the radiator, with the drain plug removed, using a hose will clean it out in case the fluid is dirty. The cap should only be taken off when the radiator is cool to prevent accidental burns.

Finally, taking care of your car is more or less like taking care of your own body. Strictly following the manufacturer’s instructions and paying attention to changes in sounds or movements will help you know immediately if you have a problem in your car and how you can go on to fix it or sought expert advice. The key is to catch problems early while they are still salvageable.