Benefits Of Rear Wheel Drive

The most massive advantage of rear wheel drive is that it disseminates the weight of the car throughout all the four tires of the car. The rear wheels does the forward movement while the steering duties are left for the front wheels but the front tyres execute both functions in front wheel drive and they perform two major tasks which are; Engine acceleration/deceleration and cornering act.

In a front wheel drive the capacity of the tires can be overstepped comfortably but in a rear wheel drive car only the rear tyres manages the engine acceleration/deceleration while the front manage the steering forces. Aside balancing the cargo on the tyres it also retain the front tyres entirely for the special steering work.

Better Road Holding: The rear wheel drive type of car is managed more effectively when the weight is balance. The more even load gives the car to drive neutrally through a corner, that is both the rear and front  of the car has the same weight acting on them.

Better weight balance : Almost all rear wheel cars have their engine in the front with the drive part in the back. Front wheel drive cars have both the engine and the drive parts up front. The acceleration, management, braking and more can be enhanced by appropriately balancing the car’s rear and front.

Better Acceleration: A rear wheel drive car would accelerate faster from a stop compared to a front wheel drive car. The reason being that your car’s weight is transferred to the back of the car when accelerated from the stop which means more weight on the back in a rear wheel drive car greatly increasing road wheel traction. This is not the case with a front wheel drive thus they can easily loose traction and start spinning.  When wheels start to spin the car slows down and steering becomes difficult. In rear wheel driving cars the steering is not affected even if the rear wheels lose traction

Enhanced Brakes : Because of the enhanced balance of the rear drive cars the brake operates better.

No Torque Steer: They have a major problem known as Torque Steer, which happens when the acceleration of the car’s engine affects the steering. And it causes the car to pull to the right when in motion, because the driveline is linked to the steering wheels. Rear Drive cars doesn’t have this problem since the engine is not linked up with the steering gear.

Improved Ride and Feel : The light front end of the car permits it to “turn in” to a corner much easier. The car feels more light and subjects to command. Since the front is not  is not overloaded by needing sturdy springs to control it. This enables the intermission to be set up more flexible while maintaining good control ability. to