Best Automotive Gadgets in 2018

Almost everyone has a dream to buy their favorite car once in a lifetime. You may or may not be able to buy your favorite car but can make any car your favorite by using these amazing gadgets. These gadgets not only make your driving experience good but also improve the car efficiency. Here is the list of some of the best gadgets for your car –

(1) Dash Cam – It is a must own tool these days in everyone’s car. It is a digital camera that is mounted to the dashboard and it shoots the driver’s journey. In case of an accident, it can easily be found that who was actually responsible for the accident. There are many options available in the market for dash cams with different price range and different camera quality.

(2) GPS Tracker – GPS tracker enables you to track your car 24*7; no matter where you are. It is connected to your smartphone and the exact location of your car can easily be tracked with this. This is really helpful in protecting your car from thieves or to track your children’s car.
(3) Exploride Head Up Display – This is one of the coolest and most beneficial gadgets for cars. It has 6-inch transparent screen, quad core processor, 2GB ram, rear camera, IR and Bluetooth. This will surely make your driving experience great. You can make calls, listen to online radio, check statistics like direction, tire pressure, speed, fuel etc.
(4) Portable jumper starter kit – No one can take any guarantee about cars on road and they can give you a jump anytime. Therefore, this gadget should be available in everyone’s car and even car experts recommend it. This small gadget is very beneficial but it does a great work. It has a battery source and two clamps and it allows the driver to start the car by using the hook clamps on the battery of the car.
(5) High road car seat organizer – Not only homes need organization kits but the car needs too. When traveling for vacations or normally there are many things required to carry along with you in the car. High road car seat organizer is made of durable mesh and polyester and it has many compartments for keeping different types of things like a laptop, file folders, water bottle, books, mobile etc. They can easily attach to any seat back.
(6) Smart wheel – This steering wheel was designed keeping in mind teen drivers as they get easily distracted while driving. It uses patented sensing technology and it helps drivers to stay safe and focused on the road. It has a real-time feature as well which makes the drivers aware of driving behavior when it gets distracting.
(7) MiFold – MiFold is mainly designed for children’s safety. It is one of the most advanced, portable and compact booster seat for children aged 4 to 12 years. It is designed in a way that seat belt will be held down instead of lifting up. This item will make your journey safe and comfortable.
(8) MotorMood – It comes in the cool category of car accessories and it is very new, simple yet powerful gadget. It’s like a way of saying thanks to the other drivers or saying them to let you into the lane. It involves different signals and it makes driving funnier and humane.
(9) Radmo – If you are among those persons who always want to check their phone even while driving then this gadget is for you. It has a large screen and you can easily operate your phone with the help of it. You can easily fit It anywhere and it is adjustable.