The Best Car Technologies

The latest technologies implemented in cars have made life a lot simpler for people. Here are some of the best car technologies out there, and all the information you need to know before making new car investments:

1.Adaptive cruise control

The ACCs use radar or camera system for tracking the vehicles in the front of them so that the speed can be adjusted accordingly. The car is held at a steady velocity in case of regular cruise controls until the intervention of the driver but in case of ACC fatigue is reduced to a significant extent as the speed is altered depending upon the position of the cars ahead.

2.Parking sensor:

There are 360-degree cameras installed in the new cars which help in better visibility while parking. It is quite beneficial as it saves your bumper from hitting anything.

3.Automatic liftgates

Automatic lift gates open when you walk up to your vehicle with the key in range, which will be sensed by the car and the door would be opened automatically. This is especially helpful when your hands are full of groceries and it’s heavily pouring outside.

4.Keyless entry and push-button start

The new cars come with an electronic key feature which lets the driver lock, unlock, and start the car even when they are at a farther distance from it. The car doors can be unlocked automatically by the fobs, because of the proximity sensors, when the driver simply touches the handle. This is very useful when you are holding a lot of things in your hands.

The push button start which is the keyless ignition is another huge development in the vehicle starting technology

5.Smartphone integration:

Today various products like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto lets the motorists use all the functionalities of their phone from the driver’s seat itself. This makes the operation of a lot of applications hands-free. The new cars come with a built-in hotspot which lets the motorists remain connected in any roads they travel.

6.Voice recognition and navigation:

This feature, if used judiciously can be used to initiate calls, get the directions to a point, compile and read texts, play songs, and much more, without the need for typing even a single word. Thus the driver can focus on the road while driving and get all these things done.

The modern navigation technology provides a lot of interesting facilities such as finding the local points of interest, download traffic data, automatically detour when an accident occurs etc.

7.Automatic emergency braking

This uses the sensors similar to those in ACC systems with the difference that they are used to stop the vehicle when a danger appears itself suddenly. It responds in a quicker and efficient way, better than a human brain can.

8. Lane keeps assist:

This safety technology helps the car in remaining centered in the lane and is useful when the driver is on longer trips. This system uses brakes or steering to prevent the car from crossing the line, thus making the roads safer.