Best Vintage Cars Of All Time

We all heard about people talking that they don’t care what car they are driving, as long as they are getting to their destinations. Those people are liars. They might be driving clunker cars all of their lives and don’t know any other options. If you are driving your car in town, you might as well get people’s heads to turn your way when you are driving these cars.

Cars That Define the Word Cool

1966 Shelby 427 Cobra

This car is the real deal. The price is a whopping $5.5 million and it was auctioned at Scottsdale in 2007. The exterior color is dark blue and the interiors are black. It might not have the iPhone’s latest technology but it is a full competition roadster. It also has a great power to ratio and it’s got more appeal than a Corolla.

1961 Jaguar E-Type

This car is considered as the most beautiful car ever made.  Jaguar is the embodiment of success in the British motor industry. At the price of just $5,620, this car can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in 6 seconds. It is beautiful to look at on every angle and taking a lot of pictures still fail to do justice of its appearance. This can be a terrific crowd drawer and an ego-booster for anyone who is driving it.

1969 Maserati Ghibli 4.7

This car is pure elegance. In fact, it this is one of the classics that can’t be matched even by a Mazda Miata. The exteriors are designed by Giugiaro. Black leather with a steel steering wheel adorn the interiors. The 4.7L Weber-carved V8 engine with a 335 HP gives the car more power. The price is $87,500. Not bad for driving a car that can receive glances and that can be the envy of the expressways.

1964 Aston Martin DB5

James Bond can come to mind when you talk about Aston Martins. This is a British luxury GT car that is made by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera. The engine is 3,995 cc Inline-6. The torque is 288 lb-ft and the top speed is 143 mph. This car was used in the movie Goldfinger and The Noble Sportsman as well. The original car used in the movie “Skyfall” costs $450,000.     

1957 Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing

It has cool gull-wing doors that open upwards. This is one of the most collectible Mercedes Benz models because of the low number of productions. This car ranks number 5 as one of the coolest sports cars of all time. The engine is a 6-cylinder – inline that is mounted at the front. The torque is 217 lb-ft at 4,800 rpm. The car has a current pricing range of $1 million to $2.5 million.

1969 Boss 429 Mustang

This is one of the most valued and the rarest muscle car of all time. The Boss’ engine uses a forged steel connecting rods and cranks. The engine was derived from Ford 385. The Ford Motor Company only made 859 Boss Models and there were only 5 colors available. This 1960s muscle car introduces the Cobra Jet Injection. This is considered as an achievement in 1969. The current price starts at $429,900 and it’s possible that it will continue to go up with time.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro    

The first generation car appeared in 1966. The features of the Camaro include a 3.8 L – 140 horsepower, v8 engine, that has a 3-speed manual transmission. This is one of the old American muscles that has a powerful engine. It has bright stripes that are just so cool to look at.