Which is better selling private or to a car dealer?

If you are looking at selling your car but don’t have any idea which way you should go. To sell private or via a dealer.Both ways have their negative and positive to them and really there is no right or wrong in this case. It all depends on what best suits you. You can lose money by selling to a dealership but if you want a quick sale and no hassle of selling yourself this is the way to go. Perhaps you have all the time in the world and want more cash your way then you can sell privately. It’s up to your individual needs.

If you are looking at selling private
When you are selling private this means you are doing all the work until you sell your car. You are wanting more profit and there are no fees involved. It isn’t hard to sell a car, but it can be difficult to deal with potential customers.Firstly, you will need to put a price on the car. You can check out prices for the same car in your local newspaper to get an idea of what they are going for or you can seek a tool online that can vale your car for you.

Only consider selling your car if it in buying condition. Give your car a good clean and get everything done that is needed for a roadworthy.People who are looking for a normal car will pretty much want to drive it to work the next day so if your vehicle is not ready for the road and requires too many repairs you won’t get a quick sale.

You will need some time on your hands as potential buyers will be contacting you for information regarding the car and often require a test drive before deciding.

If you are after a profit, be firm on price and don’t let hagglers lower you down. It can help to overprice your car a little so when people ask for a cheaper price you can offer another figure.

Selling your car to a dealership.
This may be the best option for a quick and easy no work involved sale. No strangers coming to your home and people stuffing you around. However, going down this road will ensure fees and often a loss of price.Seek out a reputable dealer who deals with similar cars. If you own a Holden seek out a used Holden dealer and so on. Pick the area that is most suited to your car. Don’t advertise a convertible in an industrial working area that would be the spot to place a work Ute or truck.

Trade in is a good option. This can see you gain a little more from the car. This means you pick a car you’re interested in and what the dealership is happy to pay for your old car will be taken in account and then taken off the price of the new car.
It truly depends on which way you prefer to go when selling your car.