Car Care Tips For The Winter Season

The winter season can have some drastic effects on your car. Unfortunately, most people forget that their cars need special attention during this season. As long as they are warm, they forget about all other things until it’s time to step out of the house and their car just won’t start.

In order to prevent such unfortunate scenarios, here are some car care tips that should keep your car in tip-top shape all through winter.

Battery check

Having a dead battery during this season is a common occurrence that you don’t want to be a victim of. Constantly checking to make sure that your battery is working correctly will help prevent it from dying out. If possible, buy a new battery in case the one you have doesn’t score 100% on a volt test before or during winter.

Tire changes

Your regular tires may not be the best wheels to navigate through the snow using. This is because roads can get frozen and slippery and this can create grip problems for your tires. Having winter specific tires will help keep you safe on the road in case of braking, accelerating and turning with their treads that have a firm grip on the road surface.

In addition, the pressure in the tires can drop with the drop in temperatures as well. Monitoring this as well will help prevent early wearing on the tires as a result of low pressure.

Fuel tank

You should make an effort to change the fuel in your car just before and maybe once or twice during the winter season as well. In addition to changing, you should also ensure that you have a nearly full tank at all times during this season. You don’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere surrounded by miles of snow because you have an empty tank. Changing the fuel is for the benefit of your engine as well.

Windscreen wipers

This is one part of your car that should always work in the winter because of the visibility issues that come up when it rains or snows. Leaving your wipers up in case you leave the car outside will help prevent them from freezing and sticking to the windscreen. The scrape of any frozen ice from your windscreen using a scraper because you might damage the wipers if you use them instead.


A combination of snow and road salt can be damaging to your car’s paint job. You can prevent this by adding a layer of polymer wax to the car that will create a protective layer that will prevent these harmful agents from reaching your paint job. This will effectively help your car to weather the winters and still have that quality paint job as the spring sets on.

Your car needs a little TLC the same way you go out of your way to keep warm and dry in the winter. These simple tips will help you keep it in good condition and save you a few extra bucks in repairs.