Car Fashion And Current Trends

Cars have undergone a lot of changes since the time of the great Henry Ford. The aesthetics of cars have proven to be quite important especially in increasing sales.

Every era has had different car designs and fashion which has been responsible for bleeding The pockets of car enthusiasts.

However, we live in a time when new car designs and fashion make an entry into the market every single second. Automobile makers try so hard to best themselves in the bid to create the perfect cover to the exquisite engine.

Every automobile company is doing it’s best to be distinct but we are still some miles from having cars without steering wheels and the majority are still powered by combustion engines.

So what are the evolving innovations that have led the changes in automobile design?

With innovations in the use of lightweight body materials, LED technology and refined aerodynamics, companies are living no stones unturned to get the edge over other companies.

  • Car aerodynamics: In the quest for better a better style coupled with efficiency, car aerodynamics had been redefined. It remains the core of modern design in the automobile industry. There is a high demand for futuristic designs, that draw the attention of everyone who has the grace to see it with a performance that commiserates with such designs.

The use of well-crafted contours which cut down on air resistance allowing cars to move better and giving the car a much envied futuristic feel.

  • LED Technology: One of the easiest ways to get a car with a great personality is to get a car with wonderful LED technology. Cars with LED technology do not only bring color to the table but are known for being efficient, fuel friendly and bring a ton load of character.

LED technology has become more popular but in a bid to outshine the competition, car makers have started to make cars with organic LED (OLED).  OLEDs are quite flexible and are known to be adapted to the specifications of the car. OLEDs are used more as tail lights, signal lights and for interior lighting.

Cars with LED technology seem to be the next big thing with warm lights and a look that says the future came too early.

  • Light Weight body materials: such as carbon fiber are a darling of Europe Automakers.  With increasing call for Eco-friendly and effective fuel consumption, there has been an increase in the use of carbon fibers rather than renewable energy sources. The advantages of lightweight body materials include their relative strength to steel and still preserving their lightness. These lighter body materials are a darling of automakers because of their better fuel economy and their flexibility in production. Yet cars made from carbon fiber are not produced in large quantities. The mass production of carbon fibers is a nightmare because of the impracticability of cutting cost.

The trends in automobile design have come to stay as long as the designs remain futuristic and are Eco-friendly. The industry would continue to evolve and there might leap from the current trends to cars without steering wheels. But until then this futuristic cars with excellent contours and aerodynamics have come to stay.