Cars of the future

So, what will the car of the future look like? What will they hold in the form of technology? For starters they will be electric and fully connected to the internet. Cars often come with a new design ever five years or more, so we could be looking at future cars with added technology as early as 2020. But imagine what the car of 2050 is going to can do when thinking how far cars have come already.
We can all say imagine what cars will be like in the year 2050 but question is will we even have cars then? Maybe something else will be created and cars will slowly be wiped out.

If they were to create something better they need to take in the concerns of drivers and create something that can move around freely and easily getting passengers to their destination safely. Unfortunately, being mobile comes at a cost, people get killed in accidents looking at a number of 1.2 billion globally and that is just in one year. The vehicle of 2050 needs to be safer and cleaner with more added safety precautions. We need to take into account the amount of vehicles on the road now compared to 2050 with emerging countries there is going to be an overload of vehicles on the road.

What will future cars be equipped with

What we can look at cars of the future having is the hands-free driving. Cars in the future will drive themselves without driver intervention along the open highways. The only invention from us will be the switching over from highway to city driving. We should see the lose of the steering wheel and see the use of a joystick instead that we should only rarely need to use. Unfortunately human error is still the main cause of road accidents so hopefully that level will decrease with the car driving itself and rare intervention from us drivers. In a survey people said they wanted to see very small cars like pods. They are flexible and being so small it will be easier to move people around and hopefully we won’t see the congestion we see now on the roads.

A morphing motor

We all love flexibility right which is why we love smart phones and laptops. Our cars may be equipped with personal mobility portfolio which will see the car only being a small part of it.With the technology we have now by then we should be hailing the self-driving vehicles. Cars will be integrated with a big and improved mobility network.

Different materials

Could carbon fiber and other light weight materials replace steel? It will have emotional styling that will look out of this world. There will be thoughts of a morphing design and a concept that only allows a small footprint during city driving and a better configuration for safety and dynamics when driving on the open road. No telling what the future holds in the way of cars, but we can rest assure performance, style, safety all will be better than ever before.