Electric Cars VS Gas Powered Cars

Electric cars use rechargeable batteries to store energy that enables the vehicle to move. These cars can be charged in different locations either in your house or at the charging station. The most renown electric vehicles are Tesla model and Nissan Leaf which have an EPA that can go for 335 miles and 151 miles respectively. Most governments are advocating for electric cars because of their benefits both to the user and the environment. The best thing is that it only needs electricity to move thus reducing the amount of gas emitted in the air.

Gas powered cars require either liquefied or natural compressed gas for it to move. For the vehicle to move combustion must take place where methane gas, oxygen from the air, carbon and water combines in the internal combustion engine for the car to move. Methane is clean and causes no harm to humans while the contaminants that could be in the natural gases are removed before the gas is emitted into the air by the car.

Here are some of their differences:

  • Electric cars are expensive during the initial cost comparing to gas-powered vehicles. But in the long run, the electric vehicle is advantageous because their maintenance cost is very low where they won’t need to be repaired now and then comparing to the gas cars that need repair after going for a few miles.
  • Electric cars do not emit gas because they produce zero gas in the air making it very environmentally friendly. Gas powered cars are not friendly to the environment because they emit greenhouse gases and other pollutants that can be very harmful to humans and the surroundings. The only time an electric car can produce gas indirectly is when recharged using wind power, conventional power grid versus solar.
  • Gas powered vehicle are fairly hard to operate especially to people who are not used to them. When the accelerator is pressed, gas goes from the fuel tank to the fuel line engine, where it combines with air then compressed by a piston where the fuel is ignited by spark plugs. After ignition, the piston starts to move to transfer the motion to the crankshaft that turns the wheels on. In electric vehicles, the accelerator sends a signal to the battery and sets the amount of voltage to be used. After pressing the brakes, the electric motor acts as a generator to slow the wheels and sends an electric current to the battery.
  • Gas powered cars use a lot of fuel to function this also depends on the car one use and the miles they are traveling fuel cost can be double comparing the electric that will be used by the electric cars which can be found in different places such as renewable sources, burning coal and gas. You are not required to pay a gas pump fee every time you recharge the battery which, when added together with the fuel used can amount to a lot of money comparing to the electric charge. Mostly the cost of electricity is much cheaper comparing to fuel because electricity can be found in different sources.

Comparing the two, electric cars seem to have more advantages and benefits comparing to the gas powered cars. The initial cost for an electric car might be high but one needs to consider how much money it will save you in the long run. If you love the environment, you have to take into consideration the type of car you are buying to prevent further damage of the Ozone layer which harms everything on earth and causes a lot of weather changes which ends up affecting humans negatively.