Fastest Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are getting faster and faster nowadays. Almost every week, manufacturers are claiming that they are able to create a revolutionary vehicle that can roll 60mph.

Here are some of the affordable and fastest electric vehicle in the market today.

1. 2018 Volkswagen e-Golf

This is the most convenient car when you are driving on country roads with gentle turns. The suspension is not much different from its Golf counterpart. If you want to increase the speed of e-Golf, the 318kg ballast effect will show. The car has three modes of driving: Eco, Eco Plus, and Normal. The regenerative braking system converts into electrical charge the moment that you decelerate. The torque is 214 lb-ft, the car has a 100kW electric motor and the acceleration speed is 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 9.5 seconds. It can make your dive fun and fresh. The starting price is currently $36,355.

2. Fiat 500 e

This is considered as the car of the modern world. The bright colored exteriors with heated power mirrors are the standard features of the Fiat 500 e. The mirror caps are designed to help the Fiat reduce its drag coefficient. The engine is 83 kW Electric Motor at 111 hp/ 147 lb-ft torque. Its interior features are seat foam cushion, heated front seats, driver seat memory, passenger seat memory, rear 50/50 split fold-down seats, and leatherette bucket seats. The starting price is at $32,995.

3. Nissan Leaf

This is the world’s best-selling electric car. This will give you a new feeling while driving. It can give you a heady thrill when you are accelerating and the confidence that you can go farther than ever without harming the environment. The Nissan Intelligent Mobility can make you feel the rush of accelerating and braking in just a single pedal. The e-pedal, ProPILOT Assist, and the emergency braking feature can make every day a unique experience. The S car features a 147 HP horsepower and a torque of 236 lb-ft. The starting price of S is $29,990. The SV is currently at $32,490 and the SL is at $36,200.

4. Mercedes B250e

This is a hatchback and a subcompact car with an elevated seating position. The HP is 177 and it has a mounted front electric motor. The battery is 28.0 kWh and the estimated miles that it can run nonstop is 87 miles. It has an Apple CarPlay option and a large 8-inch infotainment display. This has an unparalleled functionality and high aesthetic standards that only Mercedes can bring. The acceleration is from 0-62 mph in 8 seconds. The noise suppression is also very commendable. The price currently starts at $44,110.

5. Tesla Model 3

This is the flagship electric car of Tesla along with Model S. It is considered a premium sedan with a lot of range, acceleration, customization options, and displays. The unlimited supercharging option that is included in the duration of ownership makes it the safest car of its class. The premium interior is a heated seating with a pore wood deco. There is also a 12-way steering column, side mirrors, power adjustable seats, and custom driver profiles. There is also a LED fog lamp, auto dimming features, heated side mirrors, and tinted glass roofs. The starting price is currently $35,000.

These are not the only electric cars available but they certainly stand out from the rest. Before buying, make sure to test drive the car, get advice from the experts and ask a lot of questions. You should also consider the pros and cons of buying an electric car.