Five Reasons You Should Car Pool

Contrary to popular opinion, car pooling is not a reserve of school going kids only. In fact, car pooling could help solve a couple of problems that we deal with on the daily basis. We live in a society where everyone wants to mind their own business, have their own house, have their own car and not share anything with anyone. In a gated community with 5 houses, each with at least one school going kids, you will find at least 10-12 cars. This is because assuming there are 2 adults in each home going to work, they will each probably have a car which makes it two cars per household. The extra 2 cars are for those families that have a teenager that wants their own car to school. Is it really necessary to have 12 vehicles for 5 houses in the same locale? How would car pooling benefit this community? 

Builds better relationships

No man is an island and in unity lies strength. With that in mind, having a neighbour that works a stone throw away from your working place ride with you to and from work once in a while wouldn’t hurt anybody. People are growing wearier of trusting each other and kindness is becoming rarer to find and so if you can smile at the neighbour and ask to share a ride with you to work then you can make a new friend that way. Everybody wins.

Reduces traffic

When you car pool, you leave other vehicles in the parking lot and this means there are less vehicles on the road. Imagine if two in every five drivers started car pooling, the number of vehicles on the road will reduce drastically and cause less traffic snarl ups. This means we’d all spend less time on the road than the average 3 years we are said to spend in traffic in an average lifetime.

Protects the environment

Less cars on the road means there is less carbon emissions and exhaust fumes in the air. It also means less fuel is being used and this helps keep the air and the environment much cleaner so not only will you be reducing traffic, you will also be actively participating in environmental conservation. As it turns out, a full car helps reduce emissions of carbon by at least 5%.

Reduced  costs

Car pooling helps participants to save on fuel costs by a considerable margin. Even if you still contribute towards buying the fuel in whatever car you use, you still spend less on fuel compared to all the fuel each person would have spent in their separate cars. You also spend less on vehicle maintenance by rotating vehicles. Moreover, having fewer vehicles on the roads means less wear on the tarmac and so less taxes are spent fixing poor roads. There is no harm in saving as much money as you can now is there?

Lower accident risks

It is no secret that most car accidents are caused by drunk drivers. Car pooling to and from events can help reduce this considerably. If a bunch of party goers went to a party in the same car and assigned a designated driver, there would be less drunk drivers on the road and therefore less accidents and fatalities related to accidents.

If you think about it, carpooling is so much better than driving alone in silence over time. Bouncing conversation off other people will also open you up to new ideas and new views that could end up teaching you something new. Brilliant ideas could also be born out such associations. Regardless of how you look at it, there is no loss in car pooling, the people win, your bank balance wins and most importantly the environment wins.