How safe is your car?

It doesn’t matter whether your buying a new or used car you need to make sure it is safe.
Most importantly check over the car and get someone who knows about cars to help look over and check everything is ok.Check seat belts, no chips in the windscreens, is there a clear site out all of the windows?Drive both day and night to check the visibility at night and how well the headlights work.

There are a few things you need to make sure you look out for when looking at how safe a car is.

Seat Belts
Seat belts are important they reduce the risk of colliding with the steering wheel and windshield. They are designed to keep you from projecting out the windshield in a severe accident. An adjustable upper belt helps you to be comfortable by letting you change the position to accommodate each person’s individual sizing. This adds comfort to encourage all drivers to wear their seatbelts.A seat belt pretensioner is retractable to remove the excess limp in a crash. Beware they are not powerful enough to pull you backwards into the seat once impact hits.You do still need to make sure it retracts perfectly well

Energy features
An energy management feature gives seatbelts the ability to yield or give to prevent the force from the belt gaining to much energy towards your chest.The seat belts have what they call load limiters this allows the belt to extend gradually.Be sure to check there are no tears in the seatbelts or fraying stitching.It is best to buy a car with the middle backseat belt a shoulder belt rather than a center across the lap type that offers no protection to the upper body in a crash.

Air Bags
When there is impact the airbags are designed to inflate to stop the passengers from hitting the steering wheel, dashboard and windscreen.There are side air bags that help to reduce the passengers from slamming into the side doors. Do not consider buying a car without proper retracting seatbelts.

Traction Control
A traction control feature helps to improve the stability by controlling the wheels from slipping when you accelerate excessively.The car will automatically adjust the power to a lower output and some will apply a braking intervention to the wheels.This feature is found in four wheeled antilock systems.

Head restraints
These are an added extension on the seats that are able to limit your head movement in the car during impact from the back. This will reduce the pressure off the neck aiding in neck injuries. You can get headrests that adjust manually or some that do it automatically when they sense a change in the seating position. By taking these tips into account you are already taking precautions into the safety of you, your family and those on the road around you. You can check the safety of vehicles by downloading a checklist from the internet that will give you everything you need.