Interesting Facts About Cars

Cars have come a long way since the invention of the wheel and engines centuries ago. Today, cars come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Even better, we are advancing towards self-driving and green cars in staying abreast with environmental changes. Some of the most interesting facts about cars that you might find interesting include:

  1. The most popular car maker in the world going by the number of sales is Toyota but you might already know that because the car in front is always a Toyota right?
  2. There are said to be over 1 billion cars on the planet today which sounds about right considering the 7 billion people on the planet that need to get around anyway.
  3. We may buy cars to get around more easily and at our convenience but they spend almost 95% of their lifespan in a parking lot. Strange.

  1. They may be a safety measure but airbags can be fatal to a baby because of the force they carry when deployed. Let babies ride in the back, will you?
  2. The United States has the most number of cars recorded in a country with  Los Angeles taking the biggest share of this cake with more cars on the road than people. It is said there is at least one car per person in the US, this includes babies.
  3. While driving in Denmark, you are required by law to check under your vehicle in case there is a person. If you think that is weird, try Russia where it is illegal to drive a dirty car. That’s right, someone writing the words ‘wash me’ on the dirt will be the least of your worries out there.
  4. A car has about 30,000 parts used to assemble it; makes you thankful it only breaks down a couple of times doesn’t it?
  5. Pushing your remote controller button 257 times while out of range with your car will cause it to lose synchronization with the car and no longer function until you resynchronize it as recommended by the dealer so the next time your child plays with the buttons, know you have 256 pushes before it stops working.
  6. Most car companies name their cars after their founders because why not? If you invented the car you probably would do the same unless your name is Porky or something like that.
  7. Cars may depreciate as soon as they are driven out of the showroom but try buying a classic Mustang from back in the day today and the price will probably leave you in a daze. On that note keep your Toyota Corolla safe for future use, it could be the next collectible.

  1. In case you want to drive your red sports car in Shanghai China, think again as it is prohibited to do so.
  2. You can be charged for drunk driving even if you parked somewhere to sleep it off if you fail to take the key out of the ignition.
  3. Driving as you normally do anywhere else can be confusing in Sweden; drivers will keep flashing their lights at you because all lights have to be on while driving regardless of time of day. Previously on strange…
  4. The very first cars did not have steering wheels and used levers instead so if a manual stick shift gives you trouble remember to be grateful for technology.
  5. Only 14 Ferraris can be made in a day because of the intricacies of each model. They still make profits somehow.

Bonus fact, more people die in car crashes than in plane crashes making it safer to fly than to drive. For that reason, it doesn’t hurt to drive more carefully and more consciously of other road users.