Irresponsible car modifications you should avoid

Car modifications are meant to make cars look and perform better. Most of them are made to improve the aesthetic value of the car both on the inside and outside. While most of them are usually harmless, some of these modifications can not only be irresponsible but also pose a danger both to you and other road users.

Some of the most dangerous car modifications that you shouldn’t attempt to make on your car include:

Electric modification

These include the additional interior and exterior lights of whatever kind, could be neon or regular lighting. Having these kinds of lights that involve the car’s electrical circuit may increase the chances of fire accidents. This is especially risky if the modifications are not done by experienced technicians. There may be no law explicitly barring the modifications but you might just end up in trouble.

Window tinting

In most jurisdictions, there are limitations to just how much of the car windows can be tinted. This is mostly because of the potential risk associated with road visibility. In most places, you can only have tinted windows covering up to a certain amount of your windows. Any more tinting that is legal and you will be in trouble for irresponsibly endangering yourself and other road users.

Sound modifications

This includes adding stereo systems to the car to boost your music experience by enhancing the sound quality output. Having these stereos may be cool and all but if the car gets too noisy then you are just being obnoxious to the other road users. The same goes for extremely loud exhaust pipes that can be really annoying to others. Loud music can also get you in trouble with local law enforcement for noise pollution.

Artsy paint jobs

While there is nothing wrong with celebrating art, some art is not meant to be on cars. There may be no laws against making these kinds of modifications to the body of your car but it is irresponsible to have offensive art on your car and drive it around without a care. There being no particular law stopping you doesn’t mean that you will get away with nudity painted on your car or even gang signs. Plus you might just want to be mindful of the general public before getting these kinds of paint jobs done.

Humongous spoilers

There are car models that don’t need to have extremely huge spoilers. This is mostly because the spoilers will interfere with the entire functionality of the car. Spoilers add real value to racecars and generally cars designed for speed. Having huge ones on your Toyota really just makes you look ridiculous to other car owners.

While there may be no specific laws against certain car mods, making modifications that will not be a danger to your life and that of other road users should be your yardstick for knowing when to stop. Minding the comfort of other road users should also be on your priorities list; if the roles were changed and your neighbor got certain modifications that made you uncomfortable then that’s a sign that you shouldn’t do it.